Thursday, May 20, 2010

mini me.

yesterday after school, i stopped by my parents house to go to dinner and a movie with my mom. while i was waiting for her to get ready, i helped scotty clean out the closet in his bedroom, which was my bedroom while i was in highschool. i found so much of my old crap! journals, cd's, yearbooks, dance pictures, etc, etc, etc....

well, of course i had to start reading the journals and i was laughing so hard at myself i was practically crying. i was such a nerd! it also made me realize what a fun & easy childhood i had!

for example....

dear diary,

we are leaving for lake powell in the morning and i'm so excited! it's saturday and melissa is sleeping over because we are leaving early in the morning! i love lake powell. we have been getting ready all day. whenever it's time to go home from lake powell, i don't want to. i hope nothing bad happens in lake powell this year. last year i broke my arm. i was doing cartwheels down the sand dunes and i got going too fast. ouch!

well, i should probably go. we are going to have so much fun playing on the tubes and in the water!
also, a few days ago i went to the nsync concert and it was so fun. we have been swimming so much at grandma's pool this summer and i am really tan.


what a life!


  1. What were you, 13? That is hilarious!

  2. Oh man! What a hard life you had. Loved lake powell. Remember when my mom let you sleep over at my house and I didn't think she would?

  3. that is hilarious! I especially love that you went to the nsync concert :) at least you liked cool guys back then, I was still loving a 65 year old British dude


thank you for your shout outs!