Tuesday, May 11, 2010


hello friends! i'm home from a little weekend getaway i took with a few of my brothers and my mom. my dad was supposed to join us, but he got a phone call from work halfway through the drive and had to turn around when they told him that the stock market had dropped almost 900 points. we were sad he had to go back, but decided to venture on without him.

my little brother, scotty, is home from his mission, so we decided to take him on a little trip during mine and jon's break between semesters and zions was the place we chose. i'd never been before & thought it was gorgeous, but i was a little unprepared for the hike we did while we were there. a lot of you have probably hiked angel's landing, but this was my first time. i'd heard that the hike is so steep that you have to hold onto chains at the top in order to keep from falling off the cliff, so it took a little coaxing from my brothers to convince me to do it. it was worth it. definitely one of the scariest, hardest and prettiest hikes i've ever done. and no one died. bonus!

we were so happy and exhausted after almost 3 hours of not-stop climbing. my calves were on fire. but it was such a cool experience and i loved doing it with those boys. they take such good care of me-always making sure i was hydrated and climbing up every tricky spot first so they could pull me up after them or give me a hand down. my mother raised really good boys.
we also visited a petting zoo where we got to feed elk & bison by hand. jon maybe even kissed one, but let's not talk about it.

 the rest of the trip was great. we played outside, layed by the pool, ate at tons of cute little caf├ęs, got gelato, read in the sunshine and just enjoyed being together again. i love my family and i couldn't be more proud of my scotty.

the end.


  1. I love the Angels Landing hike in Zions! Looked like a fun get away. We need to plan a day to go support the Ramrod softball team together! I haven't been to one yet but definitely want to!

  2. Wow!! That looks amazing- and SO hard! I am impressed you dared:) I would have for sure turned around at the chains... although having 3 guys there to help would be reassuring? Glad your brother is home:)

  3. I would cry being up so high. Just looking at your pics scares me! I hate heights! But it looks amazing, Ive heard its such a fun hike.

  4. Omg Jess. I am so proud of you for doing that. It makes me nervous/terrified even thinking about climbing up that! Congrats. haha. Looks like you had a super fun short break. And, you're right. You're mom raised great boys. I just love all of you Moffitts!!

  5. I'm terrified just looking at those pictures of angel's landing! Good for you being brave enough to hike it! Glad you had a good time :)


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