Thursday, June 3, 2010


bought hunger games the other day (which was a splurge, i'm an avid library user & rarely shell out the cash for my own copy) only to return 3 days later (when i couldn't secure a copy of book 2 within 5 minutes of finishing book 1) to shell out another $20.00 for the sequel. so, i now rightfully own both of these:

and then i went to payless to check out their bo-go sale (which is usually horribly disappointing, in my opinion) and accidentally fell in love with & bought these sandals. and then, as i was walking out of the store, the black version caught my eye & i accidentally bought those too.

my bad.


  1. loved both those books! Darling darling shoes! Who did your hair like that the first time? HEHE Just kidding, I knew it wasn't really you ;)

  2. I'm just going to start saying "oops" to Mr. Kinyon when I accidentally buy things. It's really not intentional.....we don't set out to buy them. Love the sandals.

  3. yes, kierst, "oops" is always appropriate in such situations.

    whenever i'm showing g something i purchased i always tell him "i bought something, but it was an accident" first and then he laughs & i clip off the price tag when he isn't looking.

    works like a charm.

  4. Oh my gosh- LOVE LOVED those books so much! They sucked me right in, and I can hardly wait for the 3rd to come out!!
    ps- have you thought how amazing and entertaining (and a little gruesome, but AMAZING) a movie would be?? Let's cross our fingers:)

  5. i am not help in the fish braid area. my hair is plain jane. blah & so sad. any fish braid tips you get though, send them my way!

    but.... those books... AMAZING!
    third one comes out in august and word on the street is a movie is close behind!

  6. haha! I love that you "accidentally" bought those shoes. I always tell Dan that they simply jumped into my bag after they saw the other shoes because they were jealous. It's not my fault that they followed the first pair out of the store right?... in my bag...

    BTW. i LOVE those books. I couldn't put them down! My mom told me about the Hunger Games because she was teaching it in her reading class, and after that I was hopelessly hooked on them.

    Love those shoes. Love you.

  7. Your hair would be perfect for that!

    p.s. I LOVE your new "us" picture on the sidebar!

  8. couldn't put those books down as well. good buy, you will want to read them again.


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