Saturday, June 12, 2010

roses from pansey.

when i think of my grandpa, i always think of roses.
roses and raspberries. that's what he reminds me of.

we picked the raspberries with grandpa barefoot in the backyard. over the years, we learned exactly how to tell when they were perfectly ripe. we'd fill our bowls to the brim and then grandpa would douse them in cream...a family tradition.

the roses were for the girls in his life. we all got big bouquets on valentines day, mother's day, birthdays and sometimes just because. i still remember how special i always felt when he would stop by with two bouquets, one for my mom & one just for me.

today, when i visited my grandma, she sent me home with dozens of beautiful roses from their garden. she just kept snipping and snipping until i finally had to stop her. when i told her i couldn't take them all she smiled and said that nothing would make my grandpa happier than to see her sending me home with armfuls of fresh flowers, because that's exactly what he would have done.

now my little home smells just like theirs always does.
and when i look at the roses i feel so loved by both of them.


  1. oh my, i just finished writing (haven't posted it yet) a little blog post on roses. they remind me of my grandparents back yard and my old neighbor.
    we are so alike!

  2. Every Sunday night, my grandpa would snip a single rose for every grandchild and let us take it home. He would always make sure to snip the thorns off too. It was the greatest tradition! Thanks for reminding me about it...made me smile just thinking about him!

  3. That is so incredibly sweet. What a great, great man!


thank you for your shout outs!