Friday, July 30, 2010

the pregnant post.

thanks for your nice comments dears. i love them. in fact, i love them so much that this morning after i threw up my breakfast i came back into the office just to read some of them again. and then i brushed my teeth and felt good as new.

i decided to write a little pregnancy post to answer your questions & then i promise i'll get back to blogging about everything else that's going on. 

you wanted to know how i'm feeling. i feel wonderful, but i barf a lot. that pretty much sums it up. i don't feel nauseous, queasy or sick (that only lasted for about 1 week) but my gag reflex is superb and i throw up several times a week without warning. the good part is i don't feel sick before or after so i pretty much just brush my teeth and go on with my big deal. i was more tired than i knew humanly possible at the beginning, but now the night owl has returned and it's business as usual.

for the most part, i feel really wonderful. i feel happy and fulfilled and if all i have to deal with is a little gagging here & there i will happily have 200 more babies. we are blissfully happy & cannot wait to meet this little one. g has been the perfect caretaker so far. he he is kind and caring and willing to help however he can. he didn't complain once during the first 9 weeks when i couldn't even stand to enter my kitchen let alone cook something. he has been my perfect supporter and i adore him now more than ever (but lets not talk about it anymore, because my pregnancy hormones make me a tad bit emotional and i will cry if we continue).

all is well. thanks again for all of the support, we love all of you. xoxo.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

guess what!

we decided it's about time we started having some blonde babies of our own...

meet the first 
february 4, 2011

Monday, July 26, 2010

it's almost over.

summer has been good to us. i am loving all of the barbecues, weddings, time with friends, movie nights and swim days that are filling up my calendar. this past weekend we had a little dinner party in our backyard with friends. we grilled steaks and then put on a firework show in the dark. it's small in our backyard & i never consider it to be anything special, but the good company, fresh limeaids and endless sparklers made it feel a little cozier and more magical than usual. i love living above the city where fireworks can be seen all over the valley, no one forgets to walk their dog and the trees are taller than the houses.

i think i will remember this summer always. although my school load has been heavy, i've also felt so very very free. i am enjoying quiet afternoons to myself, good books and time to watch the storm clouds roll in over the valley. i am trying to savor these last 2 weeks of school. people tell me i will miss it when it's over. i don't think i will miss the tests, quizzes, homework and papers, but perhaps i will miss the experience of learning. i wonder if i will miss the selfishness of it all and the fact that i've been able to get this degree for me, and me alone. i will certainly miss laying on the campus grass in the sunshine in-between classes and mornings when i can sleep in instead. i know real life doesn't offer such flexibility-i remember, i've been there-so for now i'm trying to enjoy it. i'm taking the stress day by day and focusing on savoring these last few days as a student and these last few weeks of a summer that was so perfectly mine.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

pups + papers.

3.5 weeks and i'm a college grad!

although i'm still weary of flat out failing a few of my hardest classes (my brain is mush) i am finally starting to realize that this is actually going to happen! currently working on a monster of a research paper & giddy about the fact that this will be the last i ever write in. my. life. (you can quote me on that!)

making me even more giddy is the fact that i get to fly away to my favorite vacation spot the second it's all over. finals & tests on the 6th and then i'm gone on the 7th. i can't think of any better way to end my college career with a bang.

speaking of the trip, anyone want to volunteer to watch the pups? i have a few back-up plans in mind, but thought i'd ask here first. you can email me or comment if you're interested. and just fyi, we broke j bub of the poop-eating habit so double bonus for you!

i'm sure blogging will continue to be sparse as i finish up this degree. can't wait to catch up and get back to chatting about life on a regular basis. so much is going on! xo.

toby, jack & their bff, the bunny 
(who once had an entire outfit on, but has since been stripped -by jack- of everything but his flip flops. poor guy)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

today i...

moved one of my plants from my kitchen to my dresser in hopes that this would force me to open the blinds in my bedroom each morning after i wake up

this way, my beloved 2 yr old plant will get her sunlight
and in turn, i will be discouraged from taking a nap every single afternoon after classes are over (i mean, who can sleep with the blinds open in a sunny, hot bedroom?)

because every afternoon at about this time, by body starts chanting "nap, nap, nap, nap"
and i look into my dark bedroom with the blinds closed and it is really tempting to oblige (i know, my life is really hard).

hopefully this trick and my love & devotion for my plant will keep me from napping.
so far it isn't working.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

only YOU can prevent forest fires!

date: july 3rd 2010
time: 9:00 pm
place: olsen family cabin
event: g almost burns down forest (not really, but these pictures are funny)

i documented the event as follows:

g grabs a lighter, walks outside and lights an enormous pile of junk of fire.

fire quickly reaches 7 feet tall and g does a little fire dance to celebrate his triumph (not kidding, wish i had my camera out fast enough to prove it)

me & heidi watch from the window and laugh uncontrollably

big brother erik sees what is happening and runs outside...
erik: what are you doing? 
g: i just lit all this stuff on fire...
erik: well, that was a really bad idea...
erik: don't you know this is how forest fires start?!
g: the ground is wet, it's not going to start a forest fire
erik: alright, well i guess now we get to put it out.
g fans the flames while erik brings the hose over to put out giant fire. 
fire is distinguished and animals and trees are safe. 
for now.
pretty eventful evening!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


i spent far too much time on this site tonight dreaming up my ideal 4th of july weekend wardrobe.
how i wish i could make all of these clothes instantly appear!

hope you have a fabulous weekend celebrating. we have a few more things to wrap up and then we're off to play for the weekend with family. can't wait for fireworks, sunshine & hot dogs (so what if i've already eaten 2 this week?!)

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