Monday, July 26, 2010

it's almost over.

summer has been good to us. i am loving all of the barbecues, weddings, time with friends, movie nights and swim days that are filling up my calendar. this past weekend we had a little dinner party in our backyard with friends. we grilled steaks and then put on a firework show in the dark. it's small in our backyard & i never consider it to be anything special, but the good company, fresh limeaids and endless sparklers made it feel a little cozier and more magical than usual. i love living above the city where fireworks can be seen all over the valley, no one forgets to walk their dog and the trees are taller than the houses.

i think i will remember this summer always. although my school load has been heavy, i've also felt so very very free. i am enjoying quiet afternoons to myself, good books and time to watch the storm clouds roll in over the valley. i am trying to savor these last 2 weeks of school. people tell me i will miss it when it's over. i don't think i will miss the tests, quizzes, homework and papers, but perhaps i will miss the experience of learning. i wonder if i will miss the selfishness of it all and the fact that i've been able to get this degree for me, and me alone. i will certainly miss laying on the campus grass in the sunshine in-between classes and mornings when i can sleep in instead. i know real life doesn't offer such flexibility-i remember, i've been there-so for now i'm trying to enjoy it. i'm taking the stress day by day and focusing on savoring these last few days as a student and these last few weeks of a summer that was so perfectly mine.


  1. i like this post a lot. you have a gift. i'll miss you.

  2. It's true that you will miss it. I certainly do NOT miss writing papers or taking tests, but I really miss learning new things and interacting with people and professors who share my interests. I really do miss school because I was good at school. I've been going to school my whole life and I was a pro. So, now what? lol. So, I think you'll miss the learning and the freedom, but the real world offers so many great opportunities too that it may seem like less of a loss.
    You are such a rockstar. Seriously. That many credit hours, plus social calls, plus husband= crazy busy, which makes you amazing. Congrats on almost being done. After this, you can look forward to even more precious and exciting experiences.

  3. I'll miss your posts about school, I've lived a little bit through you and reading these posts makes me almost want to go back to school, but maybe later... It's amazing with so many credit hours that you've still been sane enough to have time for BBQ's and weddings and walking the dogs, and just laying on the grass chilling out (even if just between classes!) Good luck on getting to graduation and the rest of your life!


thank you for your shout outs!