Tuesday, July 13, 2010

pups + papers.

3.5 weeks and i'm a college grad!

although i'm still weary of flat out failing a few of my hardest classes (my brain is mush) i am finally starting to realize that this is actually going to happen! currently working on a monster of a research paper & giddy about the fact that this will be the last i ever write in. my. life. (you can quote me on that!)

making me even more giddy is the fact that i get to fly away to my favorite vacation spot the second it's all over. finals & tests on the 6th and then i'm gone on the 7th. i can't think of any better way to end my college career with a bang.

speaking of the trip, anyone want to volunteer to watch the pups? i have a few back-up plans in mind, but thought i'd ask here first. you can email me or comment if you're interested. and just fyi, we broke j bub of the poop-eating habit so double bonus for you!

i'm sure blogging will continue to be sparse as i finish up this degree. can't wait to catch up and get back to chatting about life on a regular basis. so much is going on! xo.

toby, jack & their bff, the bunny 
(who once had an entire outfit on, but has since been stripped -by jack- of everything but his flip flops. poor guy)


  1. yay!!! Almost graduate! Good luck in the next couple weeks. You are going to do great. I would totally watch your dogs if I were there, but alas, I cannot. I love you and good luck!

  2. I can't believe you're that close to being done - what a fabulous feeling! Woo hoo!
    You are a rock star!

  3. if you bring the dogs, i'll watch them here. they can play with norman!

  4. holy cow, you're so close to being done. I LOVE it when the end is in sight! Good luck on your last research project! How exciting.

  5. I would be more than happy to watch the pups! If Tobey could stand Dexter for that long!


thank you for your shout outs!