Thursday, August 26, 2010

newport 2010

i just uploaded 5 billion pictures and now i kind of want to throw this computer out the window and never ever return, so the commentary about this trip is going to be brief! but, hooray...newport 2010!

the best part about newport this year was magically ending up in a condo right next door to holls without any sort of planning on our part! the worst part was the weather...10 degrees cooler in the air & water this year according to the lifeguards (wwhhhhyyy?!). regardless we had a fabulous time even if we got hardly any sun due to being too freezing to take of our cover ups (but mostly i am only talking about myself right now because i was the only huge wuss). 

i can't believe that this is the last summer vacation g & i will ever take without babies in tow. everyone told us to soak it all in "because it will never be the same." i know they are right, but at the same time we have had many years to soak in alone time & freedom...this was actually our 5th summer going on this trip together. we have taken our sweet time & enjoyed every second. and now i have to say we are totally excited to have a 6th month old with us next year! i have no doubt she will be laughing, crying, fussing, squirming, eating tons of sand & driving me a little crazy. bring it on, i can't wait!

congratulations if you made it to the end! 
now i am going to leave my computer and not return for a year or two...