Thursday, August 19, 2010

bump watch.

17 weeks along today & feeling amazing!
i don't think i have ever been this happy.


  1. cute! I can't wait until I get a real baby bump and get past the bloating.. :D

  2. this post made me happy!!

  3. quit pushing out your belly...

  4. you so are pushing out your belly. I agree with jon. haha. but you look marvelous and i just cant stop smiling when I look at this pic cuz im just so darn excited for you!!!

  5. you guys are funny, but you are also nuts! it must be my hand on my hip that makes you think i am pushing it out, but i'm not. it is awkward to put your hand anywhere else when trying to get a shot of your stomach! if anything i am probably trying to suck it in. who wants to look bigger than they actually are, you crazies?!

  6. You think you're happy now???

    ....just wait 'til you have her!



thank you for your shout outs!