Friday, September 17, 2010

bump watch.

I am officially half-way through my pregnancy! This post is mostly for my dear friends who have requested to see a picture of my growing belly, but I also thought I would record a little bit about the first half of my pregnancy for my sake. I have loved being pregnant and feel really lucky to say that I most days I don't feel pregnant at all. Here are some little tid bits about my pregnancy thus far...
  • As of 20 weeks, I have gained about 5 lbs. (this is for Holls who claimed that I hadn't gained a pound. Yes, I have!)
  • I seriously don't have any pregnancy cravings (not even pickles or ice cream ;) and very few aversions (I don't love meat, but I didn't love meat before either so I have a hard time saying this is really a pregnancy thing). In the first trimester I couldn't eat yogurt, but I have started eating it again with no problems.
  • I hate taking my vitamins.
  • My hair is getting thicker & thicker and I cannot keep up with my nail growth. Since I hate long nails, it drives me a bit crazy.
  • I have a hard time sleeping already and spend a lot of time trying to sleep on my left side.
  • I have been taking a picture of my belly and writing a letter to my baby girl every week. I notice my pregnancy hormones the most when I do this, because I cry every single time.
  • I can feel her squirming and moving periodically throughout the day, but I am definitely not feeling every single kick yet. G has only felt her a few times and can't wait until he gets to feel everything I can.
  • My biggest pregnancy discomforts are heartburn, round ligament pain, periodic dizziness and my crappy digestive system!
  • When those things are bothering me, I don't feel pregnant at all.
  • My favorite part about being pregnant is being pregnant with G's baby. He is so in love with her already it kills me.
  • We have no idea what we will call her!
The first few months seemed to go very quickly but now I am feeling like life has paused. I have no idea how I will wait until February to meet this little one. It feels like an eternity!


  1. You look great! I can't believe you are 20 weeks along and are still so tiny. Also, how adorable are you to write a letter to your little one each and every week.

  2. You are too cute - look at your little bump! I love it!
    On another note, isn't round ligament pain the worst? I just love the name. I don't know why :)
    And I love that you're writing her a letter every week. That's the cutest thing ever. You're brave for wanting to get that in touch with your emotions. Just thinking about it makes me weepy and therefore want to stop talking about it....

  3. You look fantastic! i love the idea of writing her letters. So sweet! I'm so glad you're feeling well. I love love love all the love it makes you feel. You, my darling, are going to be such a great mom. I've said it before, but I mean it.

  4. thank you oh thank you for my bump watch. I have been checking every day since my request and was so happy this morning to find it! Of course you look amazing and just like me after an all-too-big meal. I love that little, tiny, itty-bitty bump though! I too love the letter idea. I only write Briggs one letter while he was in the womb and definite tears were flying. But i love your idea of doin it every week and that will be something she cherishes forever. I am excited to see you tonight!!!

  5. You seriously look so darling and I am so happy for you two! I never found out where you guys are going going for school. I assume Utah because I haven't read anything about you moving...

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous and fantastic! Way to go JMO! And your little girl is going to love those letters! Such a great idea! I may have to steal it... I probably can't wait as much as you can't wait. How awesome it is to see prayers being answered. I LOVE YOU GIRL!


thank you for your shout outs!