Thursday, September 2, 2010

goodbye summer.

the summer sunset's we've been having lately are spectacular & leave me feeling all nostalgic inside. i love where we live. i love the sights that surround us. something about city lights twinkling off in the distance just gets me. and when you combine city lights and a sunset, well then i'm sold.

our favorite place to walk the dogs is a little park/soccer field overlooking salt lake cemetary. i put in my headphones and walk the track while the puppies run in the distance and my ipod serenades me. i like going best right as the sun is setting...downtown lights twinkle in the distance and you can see every temple in the salt lake valley glowing brightly. it makes me feel grateful. grateful to live where i do, with the man i love by my side. grateful to be where i am. grateful for life and growth and the little things (like sunsets and twinkle lights) that make me so happy along the way.

this summer has been so good to us. it's brought many unexpected blessings and left me about as happy as i have ever been. i'll always remember these past few months and this time which has been so sweet. i can't wait for everything that's around the corner. my favorite time of year is quickly approaching and soon we will all be picking pumpkins and raking leaves and making hot chocolate before bed every night. i can't wait! i love the way the seasons change exactly when we need them to, exactly when we are ready to move on. the temperatures drop and the leaves fall and we get a chance to say goodbye to where we have been and hello to where we are going.

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  1. I can't wait for Fall. I am so ready!

    BTW. Your descriptions are so beautiful. It makes me feel like I'm there.


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