Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tiny spoon at dinner.

we spent our anniversary evening up at log haven. neither of us had ever been before & let's just say we didn't realize how fancy & expensive it is.

we chose to go there because i really wanted to eat somewhere up the canyon & we were a little under-dressed & under-prepared for what the restaurant had to offer. the food was delicious, but we spent the majority of the dinner giggling at funny things our waitress said & did and feeling way too immature to be there. i was especially obsessed with that teensy tiny little spoon that came with a teensy tiny little bowl of sea salt! i simply couldn't resist pretending it was our soup spoon & taking pictures with it...why? because, i'm mature, that's why.

it was one of my favorite nights together, lover. an evening spent people-watching & laughing with you is an evening well-spent!


  1. that is where wes and i went for our anniversary this year! we had very similar experiences. we were both in shorts and looked at the menu and were like...ahh...hhmmm...crap....oh well! It was a great night! And i had the best soup of my life.

  2. Ahhahaha! We did the same thing, but on Valentine's a couple years ago. We didn't check to see if it was a set menu for the holiday... and sure enough it was. That means you have NO choice, you have to spend $80 a plate. We basically blew our entire months food budget:) Oh well! It is beautiful and delicious though.

  3. Sounds like a lovely evening! Happy anniversary again :)

  4. we almost had our wedding reception at log haven. It is soooo pretty up there! Also, did you know my mom collects those spoons and salt terrines? No joke. When we have a fancy meal, like Thanksgiving, she breaks them out and we all get our own salt thing and tiny spoon, and since we are all incredibly immature, there may or may not be tiny spoon sword fights.


thank you for your shout outs!