Friday, September 3, 2010

what now?

the time is quickly approaching when i will no longer be able to fit into most of my jeans. even though i can technically still button them up i have a feeling that won't last much longer. and since they are no longer comfortable in any way, shape or form, this week has been spent wearing only leggings and my one pair of bdg legging jeans.

the other day i gave in and ordered a few pairs of maternity leggings from forever21 and my first pair of legit pregnant jeans, but i kind of have no idea what i am doing as far as maternity garb is concerned. if any of you have any suggestions as to where to shop & what to buy, please do share!


  1. And, whatever advice people give you, please pass it on to me. lol. What size jeans are you supposed to get when they're maternity? I dunno...

  2. ^You wear your pre-pregnancy size jeans. Most maternity wear is made so you just keep your size.

    I love my maternity semi-panel skinny jeans from GAP. So very comfortable and affordable with coupons (like the 25% off today w/ free shipping for Labor Day). I also have some loungewear from Old Navy is cheap but nice quality.

    Do you have a belly band? If you don't, you should get one to just keep wearing your jeans for a little longer! I have the beband from Target.

  3. I agree with your friend: The belly band! It's the best. It's like a spandex tube that fits over your jeans so you can wear them as unzipped as you need and they stay up. I used it almost my entire pregnancy with Eliza to stay in my jeans as long as possible and also to conceal my protruding belly button that pokes out SO early in pregnancy for me. Hope that helps. xo

  4. the belly button maternity band is one thing I loved. Have fun shopping for a new wardrobe!

  5. I splurged on a decent pair of jeans and have worn them all through out. I got them at Pea in a Pod. Worth the money to me. Also, Target has decent dresses. I wish you had an H&M. If you go to Vegas, stop in. They have great maternity stuff!

    Also, for many girls they wear the same size whether it's maternity or not. Not me... I went up a size or two. FYI

  6. My favorite are the ones with the "secret fit belly". It's the stretchy panel that goes allllll the way over your belly and under your boobs. Sounds uncomfortable and unflattering, but I've tried every style possible and these are absolutely the best. I bought my favorite ones from Mimi Maternity (now a Pea in the Pod at Gateway) and spent a pretty penny on them, but they were worth it.
    The ones with the small panel that fits under your belly are good for some women, but, alas, I have no bum to hold them up.
    My last piece of advice, is to get one or 2 outfits that you love. I mean LOVE. Even if you have to spend a little bit more on may (hopefully not) get to a point where you just feel big and yucky all the time, and a super cute outfit helps.
    Are you sorry you asked this question because of my massive answer?
    Love you :)


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