Thursday, November 11, 2010

living room re-vamp.

i decided i wanted to re-vamp my living room months ago when i sold my old rugs. since then i've been trying to figure out where to go with my new look and how to incorporate some new colors and textures into what i already had. i knew i couldn't afford to buy any new furniture, which meant i had to stick with gold, cream, rust & black, but i really wanted to modernize it a bit by adding some new colors. it took me forever to find a rug i liked and i needed some help from my talented mother to decide how to decorate, but i think i'm almost finished!

i still want to get a coffee table, a few blue pillows for my corner chairs and i need to paint the black 'j' on the wall a different color, but for the most part, i'm happy with it. my style is eclectic & i'm finally coming to terms with that. i like traditional, i like modern, i like vintage, i like it all and i think i'm finally learning how to be happy with my space even though i can't place myself in just one category.

my favorite part of the room are the trinkets that are displayed because each piece means something special to us. i decided to display pieces that were meaningful & get rid of anything that was just taking up space, so i focused on displaying my grandma's artwork, pictures we love, an old vase we got from greg's grandma (who originally owned the home we are in) and a hummel my grandma bennett gave me.

i used to feel like the room didn't match my personality, but just a few new touches and now i feel like it does. hooray!


  1. love it! You have great style! I know this shop you would lOVE!! I'm drooling thinking about it. We'll talk.

  2. haha i am going the exact same thing to my living room/kitchen right now! i have hated it for years and these past few weeks ive been searching stores, online, etc for exactly what i want-im doing a college similar to yours! love it all, good job!

  3. It's darling Jess!! I love it. Your style, what ever it's called, is cool & welcoming... perfect!
    When are you due again missy?

  4. Someday, when I have money, I will hire you. And we will waste tons of time rummaging through fabric samples and sauntering around Anthro with the intent to actually purchase. I'm dead serious. I love it!

  5. It looks beautiful! I need some major help from you one of these days, you have a great talent friend!

  6. darling darling darling. you know i am always in LOVE with your house and if I could just steal it all EXACTLY and make it mine I always would cuz you so dang good at stuff like this. I love the G J O idea. cutenessssssss. haha. ok call me. lets get together. ya ya ya.


thank you for your shout outs!