Tuesday, November 2, 2010

vegas with mi madre.

last week my mom & i snuck away to vegas where i proceeded to take the lamest pictures of my existence! i've posted all 4 of them here for your viewing pleasure. apparently i am only capable of taking pictures of traffic, the sky & my belly from above. lucky you.
besides my lame documentation, we had such a fun few days together. we shopped a ton for my little lady, ate yummy food, watched movies, got mini-makeovers, shared treats and best of all, visited my cousin kassie & her new little baby, jane.

i loved seeing my aunt and cousin and laughing together all afternoon & i don't think i have ever been so anxious to meet my baby as when i was holding jane. she is perfect and made me so excited for my own. it was also wonderful to have some alone time with my mom. i loved getting the giggles with her while trying to fall asleep, navigating traffic, people watching, oohing and ahhing over the same baby outfits at h&m and singing and talking for hours in the car on the way to & from vegas. she really is my very best friend. thanks mom for the fun trip, definitely one i'll always remember.


  1. Sounds like a blast Jess! Emma told me she saw you in St. George at Thriller! It sounds like everything is going well and I am so excited to see ya'll over Christmas break! Miss you!

  2. Cute belly! I love when my mom and I get to get away for a while. I'm glad you had fun. I'm jealous you got to see Kassie! I've only seen pictures.
    Love you!

  3. oh my gosh how fun!!! i have got to see these cute little outfits you're talking about!


thank you for your shout outs!