Sunday, November 28, 2010

while my husband is watching football...

i take a nap. sometimes a short one, sometimes a long one, but if it's sunday afternoon and he is watching football, i take a nap.

i watch a movie. preferably a movie he won't watch with me. a good chick flick like "you've got mail" or "julie & julia". i often pick movies that will make me cry & then i close the bedroom door to drown out the sounds of football.

i download music & make new playlists. today it was a christmas playlist with lots of new dreamy tunes and plenty of the classics.

i watch the snow fall outside our windows and wonder if we will be able to drive in it successfully enough to make it to my mother's house for dinner.

i eat my leftover pumpkin cheesecake from the tupperware and feel happy, because it turned out right.

i take a long bubble bath or read a good book. i try to make a list of things i want to cook for dinner that week and occasionly, i blog.

now let me ask you this, dear friends, because i'm running out of ideas...what do you do while your husband is watching football?!


  1. Most often I watch a girly movie or TV show. He's having boy time, so I figure I should have girl time. Other times I just read a book while sitting next to him. He mostly watches football on Saturdays, so I make a whole day of watching a marathon of something girly. That's all I've got. :)

  2. I don't allow football at my house unless it is an "important" game (ie, Superbowl, Holy War) or if my brothers are over. And I'm not kidding. Bryan doesn't watch football when it's just me & him that are home because I whine and complain and make it miserable. Or he can go into another room on another TV and watch it. I know, I'm a horrible wife. But I have 5 brothers & a daddy who love sports and I have watched enough football to fill 3 lifetimes. And, in my defense, Bryan never cared to watch it until about 3 years ago, so I feel like I can veto because I married under the pretense that he didn't care to watch sports.
    So you are very nice to occupy yourself with other things. I am not so nice. And I only feel a little bit bad about it.

  3. Boo ya to kiersti! If Zurik is sleeping when the game is on, i either read next to him on the couch and listen to occasional rants about the game while pretending to care, or i take a nap.

  4. Usually I'm sitting on the couch by him with whatever the latest knitting project is, or sometimes I'll read and occasionally I'll watch the game. I actually enjoy a good game occasionally and since I don't have littles of the male gender and I only grew up with 1 brother who was never really into sports I guess I haven't had my fill yet.

  5. I feel I am an expert in this area!
    I have taken to:
    doing crafty things
    hanging out with mom/sister
    going shopping
    re-arranging the house
    leaving baby with BJ and going to a movie of my choosing with girlfriends
    going to art exhibits
    reading good books
    and all-around avoiding dear husband because he all but cries when his team loses.
    I feel your pain!


thank you for your shout outs!