Friday, February 25, 2011

the pups live!

here is proof that the pups are still being loved and cared for, and even taken to the park! whhhaatt!?
thanks to my husband, i also have proof that both dogs went to the bathroom on this particular afternoon, too. why one photographs such an act is beyond me? don't worry, i'll spare you.
i have no shame in admitting that i sat on the grass with my babe the entire time.
and by the way, did you know that brad is leading a double life?!

does anyone remember when it was warm enough to go to the park? we obviously have been in the past few weeks, but now i have no recollection of anything other than snow! there is 8 feet of snow at the cabin right now. serious.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

first walk.

 i've been cleared for exercise again, so yesterday miss evie and i took our first neighborhood walk to celebrate. it was 40 degrees outside (not -10) but evie chose to bundle like this regardless. i'm pretty sure she was sweating, but i am a paranoid first time mother and i own that title proudly. it was the shortest walk of my life, but i am still recovering from a c-section and evie is still recovering from being born (and life in general), so we were pretty pleased with our effort.
also, the avenues is probably not the best place to live if you would like to feel good about your fitness/exercise regimen. especially if you live on my street, where you can watch thousands of dedicated athletes run, sprint, bike, and ski (yes) in front of your house all day long from the comfort of your couch.

not that i would know anything about that.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

month one.

4 weeks old.

 i realize i am going overboard with the evie pictures & that you guys are sick of seeing them, but i can't promise it will be ending any time soon. this little lady has completely stolen my heart.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


g didn't get me anything for valentines day this year.
i didn't get him anything either.

it's not that we don't love each other or that we haven't in years past
it's just that evie is still too little to go shopping with mama
and well, i don't really know what g's excuse is, but i accept it.

he came home from work with chinese takeout from our favorite place
but the baby was fussy and really wanted to be fed
so i had to scarf instead of enjoy.

and during the meal when we got to what is usually the best part (walnut shrimp) 
we were both horrified to find the dish tasted completely different
and completely awful
the shrimp had gone bad.

i spit it out and g called the restaurant to complain
his heart was practically broken
walnut shrimp=his one true love.

by now the baby was really crying
so i left to feed her and then handed her to g so i could make a mcdonalds run
i returned home with a huge diet coke and a mcflurry to share
dinner of champions.

we watched the bachelor side by side (peace out mm!)
and ate our treats...stuffing ourselves since dinner sucked

later we exchanged cards
we both chose one from my stash of blank cards i always keep on hand.
no hallmark greeting, just honest, heartfelt words
and i actually managed to cry a little (i blame it on motherhood)
but you might have too, his words were so nice.

we sat in the living room while evie slept
and enjoyed the city lights and some bad tv 
then evie had a blowout
and i knew it was time for bed.

i told him i loved him & he said the same
i rocked our baby for a minute and then climbed into bed
it was the most uneventful valentines day we've ever spent together
it was one of the best.

Monday, February 14, 2011

my loves.

i am more in love this year than ever before.
i am in love with this little family of mine.
i am in love with my evie jane.
and i am in love with her daddy.
so glad she came along and made me love him even more.

 happy valentines day to lovers everywhere!
{and even though they are pictured i have to be honest and admit that i am not so in love with the pups. sorry peeps, but the truth is they have gotten annoying. really, really annoying. but i'm sure i'll fall in love with them again someday?...let's hope.}

Saturday, February 12, 2011

pouty little lips.

 i almost laughed out loud when evie's pediatrician suggested we refrain from kissing her on the lips. i mean has he seen her lips? not. possible.

we have been loving these first few weeks together. there have been lots of learning moments, of course, but moments like these make it pretty easy to be happy.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

the past two weeks...

  • evie decided that food is good after all and proceeded to gain almost a pound in 2 weeks
  • g stayed home with us every day and became the official burp boy of the household
  • i went out to lunch at an actual restaurant (without the beeb) for the first time in 2 months!
  • evie girl attended her first bridal shower & met lots of other ladies
  • i had my first diet coke in almost 7 months (what?!)
  • it tasted like dirt
  • i plan to try again
  • ev started playing a fun little game called "see how many diapers i can soil in one changing" wherein she continually pees and poops in her fresh diapers just after the messy one has been taken off. her record so far is 4. we're pretty proud
  • speaking of that, g has gone from a man who had never changed a diaper before to a man who has changed at least 5 billion
  • i have laughed and cried and cringed at all the brutal realities of nursing for the first time (why doesn't anyone ever tell you these things!?)
  • i've also fallen a bit in love with nursing my baby. what can i say, i'm a freak.
  • evie has been babysat a few times by her nana who insists on watching her & forces g and i out of the house and into the real world. 
  • and by the real world i mean "babies r us" because, besides lunch, that's pretty much the only place we have gone.
  • we have lovingly nicknamed our baby girl "one-eyed willy" (not really) due to the fact that she likes to open only one eye at a time only.
  • and we have both fallen hard for our little one-eyed girl. like madly, deeply in love. but, i'm sure you could have guessed that.