Tuesday, February 15, 2011


g didn't get me anything for valentines day this year.
i didn't get him anything either.

it's not that we don't love each other or that we haven't in years past
it's just that evie is still too little to go shopping with mama
and well, i don't really know what g's excuse is, but i accept it.

he came home from work with chinese takeout from our favorite place
but the baby was fussy and really wanted to be fed
so i had to scarf instead of enjoy.

and during the meal when we got to what is usually the best part (walnut shrimp) 
we were both horrified to find the dish tasted completely different
and completely awful
the shrimp had gone bad.

i spit it out and g called the restaurant to complain
his heart was practically broken
walnut shrimp=his one true love.

by now the baby was really crying
so i left to feed her and then handed her to g so i could make a mcdonalds run
i returned home with a huge diet coke and a mcflurry to share
dinner of champions.

we watched the bachelor side by side (peace out mm!)
and ate our treats...stuffing ourselves since dinner sucked

later we exchanged cards
we both chose one from my stash of blank cards i always keep on hand.
no hallmark greeting, just honest, heartfelt words
and i actually managed to cry a little (i blame it on motherhood)
but you might have too, his words were so nice.

we sat in the living room while evie slept
and enjoyed the city lights and some bad tv 
then evie had a blowout
and i knew it was time for bed.

i told him i loved him & he said the same
i rocked our baby for a minute and then climbed into bed
it was the most uneventful valentines day we've ever spent together
it was one of the best.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful v-day, and pretty much exactly like ours. Sometimes staying home and watching the bachelor with your love is the best kind of date :) p.s. I vote Emily too, she's the only one not throwing herself at him, and she's so sweet!!

  2. i LOVE that picture of you and miss Evie. Soooo sweet. Happy Valentines to your cute cute cute cute family!

  3. Sounds like your V-Day was just as uneventful as ours, and still very special. At least you still got to spend it with the two people you love the most, and that's really what matters.

  4. I also watched The Bachelor for V-day. I'm so glad you guys could enjoy your day together with Evie. The Diet Coke sounds good! (I haven't had caffeine since January 1st and that made me drool a little!)


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