Sunday, February 6, 2011

the past two weeks...

  • evie decided that food is good after all and proceeded to gain almost a pound in 2 weeks
  • g stayed home with us every day and became the official burp boy of the household
  • i went out to lunch at an actual restaurant (without the beeb) for the first time in 2 months!
  • evie girl attended her first bridal shower & met lots of other ladies
  • i had my first diet coke in almost 7 months (what?!)
  • it tasted like dirt
  • i plan to try again
  • ev started playing a fun little game called "see how many diapers i can soil in one changing" wherein she continually pees and poops in her fresh diapers just after the messy one has been taken off. her record so far is 4. we're pretty proud
  • speaking of that, g has gone from a man who had never changed a diaper before to a man who has changed at least 5 billion
  • i have laughed and cried and cringed at all the brutal realities of nursing for the first time (why doesn't anyone ever tell you these things!?)
  • i've also fallen a bit in love with nursing my baby. what can i say, i'm a freak.
  • evie has been babysat a few times by her nana who insists on watching her & forces g and i out of the house and into the real world. 
  • and by the real world i mean "babies r us" because, besides lunch, that's pretty much the only place we have gone.
  • we have lovingly nicknamed our baby girl "one-eyed willy" (not really) due to the fact that she likes to open only one eye at a time only.
  • and we have both fallen hard for our little one-eyed girl. like madly, deeply in love. but, i'm sure you could have guessed that.


  1. It all sounds magical, and not a little bit daunting. I'm glad g got to stay home for so long and help out. I'm sure that has been blissful. I love you and I'm so glad you're all doing well.

    p.s. you can tell me the brutal realities of nursing. I would love the insights because I know next to nothing. Spare no gory details.

  2. She is truly gorgeous Jess!! I'm glad you guys got out, you'll soon realize how vital that is, and it's easier when they're babies... so take advantage of any free babysitters:)

    And oh, the brutal realities of nursing!! Misery & hell are two words I would use to describe my experience. Just a little encouragement to cheer you up on a Sunday afternoon:)

  3. She is the sweetest litting thing ever, and I smiled all night after we left your house because I loved our snuggle so much.
    Thanks for sharing her with us for a couple hours!!

  4. Oh miss evie, I love her so much!! She's the sweetest baby ever!! Good luck this week!

  5. i too have fallen in love with that sweet little babe! oh the joys of being a mom. I am so happy for you guys!

  6. such special memories you are making! And there is NOTHING weird about enjoying breastfeeding your child.
    i want to meet her!

  7. She is so adorable!!! Yeah, nursing can be awful and great at the same time. Glad everything is going well.


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