Thursday, March 10, 2011

i think i wrote this post because i am ready for lunch...

when i was in the hospital, i dreaded meal-time.


the girl from nutrition was actually really sweet, tried very hard & we became good friends, but hospital food is still hospital food.

they served the same menu every week. spend one week there and you'll know what is being served every day forever. spend 5 weeks there and you'll probably want to die.

it took several weeks before anyone mentioned to me that i could request different meals than what was being served. i am glad the baby in my stomach didn't starve to death during that time. i remember on wednesdays (or maybe it was tuesdays) for breakfast they served steak & eggs. the juice from the steak filled the whole plate and colored the eggs brown. i couldn't believe patients had been eating that for breakfast (for breakfast!) for years and hadn't rallied together yet to protest?! steak? at 6am? really?

every day soup was included with lunch. clam chowder, broccoli cheese, was amazing to me that they could serve a soup every single day for years and still not get it right. they were all terrible. the only good part about their meals was the fact that i could add a granny b's cookie to my meal any time i wanted. they are the size of a planet and about 600 calories and oh, so very good.

to make you even happier, meals are served at the most convenient times possible. breakfast arrived at 6am while you were still asleep, lunch at 11 and dinner usually came around 4. i remember telling everyone this, and having no one believe me because it sounds so ridiculous to receive your dinner (in a facility where all you can eat after dinner is over is crackers and sprite from the unit fridge) at 4pm. but it happened, again & again (and i had many many witnesses). 

-now is the part where i should stop complaining and mention that many, many, people visited me and every single one of you brought me food, so it really wasn't so bad. and i am probably just really dramatic-

anyways, this post has a point. what was my point? oh ya, food. i like it. now that i am home again, i really like it. the luxury to buy what you want, make what you want and eat what you want is just wonderful. it is totally taken for granted, but it is wonderful. ever since i've been home, mealtime is my favorite time of the day. mealtime was probably my favorite time of the day before too, but that's beside the point.

for breakfast i am loving making omelets with eggs, cheese, ham and avocado. with a side of salsa, of course. simply orange with pineapple is still my breakfast drink of choice. at lunch i am obsessed with sandwiches, but good ones with fresh meat from the costco deli and havarti cheese. throw in more avocado and i'm a happy girl. have you tried the new baked ritz crackers? get the sour cream & onion ones and then spread on some happy cow cheese (or is it skinny cow? the cow is either happy or skinny. probably both*) or try an apple with peanut butter for a snack. hello heaven.

and now the reason i wrote this post in the first place. what are your favorite things to make for breakfast and lunch? it's so easy to get into a slump and eat crap that doesn't taste good and isn't good for you, just because it's there. i am always trying to think of something good to send with g and to make at home. have any ideas for me?

*i think the cow is actually laughing. albeit skinny and happy, as well.


  1. I must have been at a rare hospital, because my food was so good! They made these infamously fresh hot choc chip cookies everyday, sinful! I felt pretty luck, oh yeah then I got the hospital bill for a 2 day stay...$40,000. I guess the food should have been gold plated too!
    -cuz Amber in Cali

  2. your breakfasts and lunches sound heavenly. Usually I just have cereal in the morning cause it's easy and quick. What can I say?

    I, too, am constantly trying to think of good things to send with Dan for lunch. There for a little while I was doing super salads, but that's tedious and he's a boy who wants more than salad. So, mostly it's sandwiches and the occasional left-overs. Poor guy. So, if you find any good ideas, please pass them along.

  3. Bryan LOVES leftovers, so I always cook extra the night before knowing he'll take it to work. But I know Olsen men are a little on the picky side :)
    For breakfast, I like to make a huge batch of oat/whole wheat/fresh blueberry & cinnamon muffins and freeze them. 40 seconds in the microwave and mmmmmm, just like right out of the oven. I also enjoy "scrambles" (only cuz I'm awful at omelettes) - just scrambled egg whites and whatever else I want, usually ham & tomatoes.
    For lunch I also love sandwiches with ridiculously priced deli meat (usally Boar's Head from Harmons) - but oh, so very delish. I squish them in the George Foreman (the only reason I have one) and it's like a panini - I just love melted cheese so much!!
    Now I am soooo hungry!

  4. I love this post- and I can second all that on the hospital "food". I think every nurse must have hated me because I literally refused to eat it. Just hearing you describe the steak & eggs at 6am is enough to give me a stomach ulcer. ughh!

    Okay... on a happier note, here are some good options.

    Breakfast- you've GOT to try those smoothies I've posted about (for bfast or lunch really). They are so delicious, refreshing and seem to start my day out on the right foot. When I'm not in the mood my other morning craving has been Fage' greek yogurt, in plain, with some honey to sweeten it up a bit, and Granola (I like the BareNaked Fit Vanilla Almond crunch granola). Yum!!! You'd be amazed too- just a cup of that yogurt has 18grams of protein!!!

    Okay lunch... I just made this the other day & it'll sure be a staple in our house for every now.
    French Tuna Melt:
    Mix can of tuna, some capers, kalamata olives, red onion, fresh parsley, s & p, a little lemon juice, and some olive oil to make it all stick together. Slap it on heavy on a piece of thick good bread (open face style) and top it with grated Gruyere cheese!!! YUM. Put it in the oven, on a cookie sheet for 10 minutes (at 375).
    Have you ever tried the Quinoa from Whole Foods? You can buy it in a little pint size perfect for lunch and the black bean kind is SO good. I've been craving that here, since I can't get it.
    Also something weird that Wyatt likes is an italian sandwich (with what ever italian meats you like), but instead of mayo he puts BriAnna's Poppyseed dressing on it and it's delicious!

    There you go:)

  5. Hee hee! The laughing happy skinny cow!! Sounds like such a delightful creature. :)

    We eat very much like you. Mmmmmm avocados....

    We like a piece of toast, scrambled eggs. sliced up tomatoes and avocados with Cholula. Yum!

    I love chicken salad or Turkey & Swiss sandwiches for lunch or leftover-whatever-goodness I made the night before. We got stuck in a rut, a delicious rut, but a rut nonetheless lately. So, I decided to change things up and bought a Slow Cooker Recipe book from the checkout stand at Smith's. We have been working our way through it for dinners lately. It's lovely not to even think about what we're having for dinner. I just have to turn the page. Fanatastic! And it's done (well, my part anyway) by noon. Loving it!

  6. What hospital did you deliver at?!?! That sounds HORRIBLE! I'm a person who loves food, needs my food, and is very grumpy if I don't get a good meal. And I was LOVING the hospital food. They'd bring me a menu of things to choose from for every meal, you'd pick your main course, sides, and your dessert. My husband teased me about it 'cause I loved it so much! I usually ate breakfast about 8:30, then lunch at lunch time, dinner about 5:30 or 6. Whatever hospital you stayed at definitely was not the one to be bed ridden in for so long!! I'm so sorry! I wish I had some better comments on things to make, I like to switch up my sandwich bread sometimes for lunch and maybe try it on a wheat bagel, or in some flat bread. Or I LOVE my sandwish maker (that's really what it's called) but it not only makes warm flat sandwiches, you can also do omlets, french toast and desserts... not much help. Good luck!

    P.S. I've always wanted to try that laughing cow cheese, just never really think about it while I'm at the store, is it just by the rest of the cheese?

    P.S.S. Can you please tell me where you are getting Evie's adorable bows. I would love some for little Lia when she arrives. LOVE THEM!


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