Thursday, March 3, 2011


  • i am trying to remember what on earth i made for dinner before i was put on bed rest and then hospitalized for a month and then occupied with a newborn. seriously it has been a long long time and i think i forgot how to turn on my oven (or something...)
    • i am annoyed by the return of the annual ant invasion. hate seeing ants crawling all over my walls and flying through my living room. remember the year one was in my nose?! death.
    • i am loving our new bedroom that i recently re-did. a new quilt plus new bright pillows makes me a happy woman. it feels fresh and light and wonderful in there now.
      • i am browsing anthropoligie daily in search of a new item to add to my wardrobe. my birthday is coming up and a gift card has been sitting in my wallet for the past 6 months, so i think it's time i get my act together and choose something! i love that store, but it turns me into the most indecisive person on the planet because when clothes cost that much, you better love them.
      • i am getting excited to meet my new niece who will be arriving in the next few weeks. even though evie is still the size of a newborn, she doesn't act like one anymore and i already miss it. hoping my sister-in-law will let me spend lots of time snuggling the new addition, because i am insane, and may or may not already be missing my pregnant belly and dreaming of doing it all over again. what?!
      • i am rooting hard for miss emily on the bachelor. and i'm laughing at the fact that g confessed to a full-fledged bachelor discussion between him & his work buddies the other day. apparently they all watch with their wives and they all confessed. awesome.
      • i am working on compiling the letters i wrote to evie while i was pregnant into a little book for her to have. i wrote her a final letter the other day telling her about the day she was born and her little life here at home and i got so emotional. considering my pregnancy, some of the letters i wrote to her towards the end were filled with fear and doubt and i feel so grateful to have ended them with such a happy one, instead. the story has such a good ending.
      • i am loving applying my new favorite lipstick shades every day. nothing like a swipe of pretty lipstick to make me feel a little better while i'm slumming all day long. my current favorites are from maybelline's new line.
      • i am loving and hating the fact that my baby girl now happily takes her naps in her bed and goes down without fussing. i decided to get my act together a few weeks ago and really get her on a schedule, and while it has worked well, i miss her while she is snoozing in her bed. are you sure i can't just hold her all day, babywise?!
      • i am so excited about the fact that i can finally go for a snowmobile ride! we are heading to the mountain soon so i can catch up on what i've been missing this winter...8 feet of snow!
      • i am looking forward to a date with my love this weekend. it's not that i am itching to be without the beeb, but i just need something to look forward to. i've discovered that the days all kind of blend together when you are home-bound with a little one. i forget what day it is sometimes, because tuesday feels the same as friday, feels the same as sunday. you know what i mean?
      happy thursday, folks (it is thursday, right?) hope you are enjoying the gloomy skies as much as we are.


      1. you are not insane for wanting a babe back in your belly and wanting to do it all over again. I felt the same way. In fact the other day I was telling Luke how i am already missing having a baby in my belly and I still have 2 months left of it! haha! I just know it will be over so soon and I really do like this whole pregnancy stuff... apparently. ok i love you. bye

      2. you will be forever glad that baby sleeps in that bed the next one you have and when they are 2 and know how to go to sleep without you. promise.

      3. I am in awe. I can't believe your little girl already sleeps in her own bed, has a schedule, and sleeps through the night. You are one lucky mama, even if you do wanna wake her up and hold her.
        Dan watches my shows with me, too. And, though he complains, I feel like he secretly loves it. Oh, the things our husbands do for us. :)
        You are a very lucky woman.

      4. Brit, no need to be in awe! She doesn't sleep through the night yet. She eats around 10 and then sleeps til about 4 or 5, so she does great but I'm still getting up. No need to be jealous.:-)


      thank you for your shout outs!