Monday, March 14, 2011

monday is for suckers.

yesterday i took a bath that never drained. for the majority of the day our bathtub was full, to the brim, of dirty bath water. my husband is about as handy as they come and spent hours plunging out clumps of hair and other nasties but still, we cannot solve the problem.

and then today, our dishwasher broke. i unloaded all of the dishes before i noticed this. trying to remember which dishes you already unloaded so you can wash them all again by hand is fun. kind of like an intense game of "memory". you should try it sometime.

toby has an awesome habit of pooping right on the doormat outside our kitchen door. this makes life extra special, especially when i forget about his habit and walk outside with no shoes on.

and evie has recently decided that eating/nursing sucks and she no longer wants any part of it. she simply wants to be held and played with instead. that would be okay, except for the part where she doesn't eat any food and cries when i offer it to her, you know?

i'm tired.

on a happier note, i did discover that simply placing your baby on her stomach for tummy time can solve most of the above mentioned problems. those eyes and that smile and those funny little faces will probably make you feel better.

at least for 5 minutes or so.


  1. Wow, what a weird day. I'm sorry! When it rains, it pores right? On the up side, your little girl is really adorable.

  2. Hi jessica, this is amy. {megan bagley's friend}. you don't really know me. but i like to read your blog about the adventures you have with your new baby girl {she is so cute}! just thought i would give a shout out :)

  3. and then I kept calling you and bugging you about dumb things. sorry it was so sucky.

  4. Oh the joys of day to day life :) Sorry you had a crazy day Jess. Evie is such a doll though!

  5. If you're still having drain issues call Darrell! He's in the biz ya know... Also, that cute little baby enjoying her tummy time make me smile!

  6. Crazy day! I swear Mondays take it all out of me. The dish hunt is quite the adventure. :) Hope it all got taken care of. Sweet babies! They can fix the world so fast! I feel like little Ev has changed so much already!


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