Tuesday, March 22, 2011


evie is petite (she was in the 3rd percentile when she was born! too funny) but she is still managing to pack on pudge in all the places that matter.

this is evie's belly. it is large and round and edible.
and here are her cheeks and double chin (not to mention adorable smile!) to go along with the tummy.

  she is irresistible. 


  1. She is so dang cute! Totally makes me want another little baby!! oh no! xo

  2. So..I totally wanted to tell you on your birthday post that I love that pic so much of you that I want to hang it on MY wall. Such a good summary of a mommy's birthday. Love ya and hope it was fantastic!

    Evie's smile is so so so sweet. I love it!

  3. She is so cute! Your little lady has a beautiful smile and I only wish my belly was as adorable as hers it ;)

  4. She is irresistible! I can't wait to see her tomorrow and give her a kiss!


thank you for your shout outs!