Wednesday, March 23, 2011


g gave me a new lens for my birthday. i love it. yet another way to waste time while i should be cleaning, cooking and starching my husband's shirts, right?

for the record i used the phrase "starching my husband's shirts" because it sounded right. i have never done that before and wouldn't know how to do it if i were asked. and now i will go bask in my shame.


  1. according to Dan, wearing a starched shirt is like wearing cardboard and is really uncomfortable, so you're probably doing g a favor.

  2. Oh, those toes! So cute and tiny. Yay for a new lens. I couldn't love you more for never "starching my husband's shirts" and "now I will go bask in my shame". You make me smile and laugh. Love every post you ever write and it's absolutely beautiful watching you become a mother via the blogging world. Just thought you should know.

  3. Love myself a good lense - when we got ours after Mya was born I think I took a million and a half toe pictures. Because, you know, baby toes are just too kissable and it's absolutely necesary :)

  4. Oh, and the starched shirt thing is hilarious. My mom used to starch my dad's shirts, and I can totally smell it right now - it came in an aerosol can that had a picture of Niagra Falls on it. I've never really understood it.....but G would probably break out in hives if you used it anyway.

  5. God made dry cleaners for starching shirts and I think it's important to help those he created in their talents...

    As for the toes, I WANT TO JUST EAT THEM UP!


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