Monday, April 11, 2011

10 things.

  • 01. I miht be the world's worst sleeper. It usually takes me at least an hour to fall asleep at night. Longer if G and Evie are both asleep and rubbing it in with their loud rhythmic breathing (no fair!). I blame my insomnia on my chatty brain, which refuses to shut up once the stars come out.
  • 02. I let my hair air-dry and then proceed to do nothing with it every single day. And no, I haven't "let myself go", I've been doing this for years and years and don't plan on changing anytime soon. Blow-dryers are over-rated and I like natural wave and curl. Also, I am lazy.
  • 03. I hate confrontation. I am a good person to get mad at or start a fight with, because unless you are my Husband or my Mother I will absolutely apologize immediately, regardless of whether or not I think I am right (G and Jana don't have it so easy).
  • 04. I have recently discovered that I lick my lips. I have been completely unaware of this habit for the past 24 years and am still unaware of it now, which makes it a pretty difficult habit to kick. Impossible, really, so don't judge!
  • 05. Most of the time I am an animal lover, but every now and then I question that. Like last night, when a cat spent the better part of the night outside our window howling like she was being skinned alive. At first I wondered what could possibly be stressing (or hurting) a cat so badly and I felt sad for her, but after a few hours, I just started wishing for her to DIE ALREADY.
  • 06. I can't be happy in a messy house. Period. End of Story. I have tried hard to overcome this and just chill out and play regardless of mess, but I just can't and I'm sorry. Give me 10 minutes to straighten up my little home and I will be delightful and non-neurotic for the rest of the day. Promise.
  • 07. Speaking of that, I will admit to being deceptively clean. If you pop in on me in the afternoon, my house will probably look clean, but don't open a cupboard or a closet if you want to help me keep up the illusion, because something will most definitely fly out at you if you do.
  • 08. I don't like to craft. There, I said it. I tried really hard to like crafting last week (it seemed like the thing to do) but my attempt was unsuccessful. It's messy. Really messy. And when you finish you end up with something that looks exactly like a craft. 
  • 09. I am trying hard to incorporate Capital Letters back into my life. I forgot about them (on the blog, at least) in the middle of my last semester of college when I was so buried in essays and papers I wanted to die. The blog was a way to rebel- but unfortunately, the momentary rebellion turned into something more and now I am afraid for myself-hence Capital Letters, once again.
  • 10. Sometimes I shower for the majority of Evie's morning nap. I always sit down in the shower (which is a tub, too) and sometimes I doze off. This is a bad habit that is still alive from my early mornings in High School, but it's dreamy and you should try it. It also might be exactly what I plan on doing as soon as I hit "publish".
There you go.
10 things for your Monday.
Would love to hear 10 from you, too.


  1. haha, you're funny. The house thing, about being picked up, is SO me too. I can't leave to go on errands, set up play time for Tate, or basically anything until it's at least picked up.
    I recently started letting my hair go a really long time without washing it. And I don't even feel gross about it. I still shower every day, but don't wash my hair until every 3rd or 4th day (usually 4:) It's just too time consuming, and actually looks better when it's not so fluffy.
    Totally not an animal lover (but you probably already knew that one;)
    Also same on the sleep thing- pretty sure I have insomnia. My brain is so smart at night though!!

    Thanks for your tips on my hospital stay. I'll find out today whether or not I can go home, or be moved upstairs to "live". I'm really REALLY hoping I'll be able to go home (although it IS easier to take it easy here, especially given all I still have to do). I plan on watching all the Mad Men, Grey's, finishing a book, and lots and lots of blogging:) Gosh, I should probably re-open my tatertot shop now. I've got oodles of time to make them!

    How did you handle the food thing though? I'm extremely picky, not about flavors necessarily, but more about quality and health, and everything here is making me gag. Was someone sweet enough to bring you something for each meal? Seems impossible.

  2. love this. doing it right now.

  3. Made me laugh. So much alike. Of course we are, after all, we have the same rain boots. Hello!

    Congrats on a post with capital letters...impressive!

    BOO to crafts. A big boo. I now just chat with those who are doing them.

    Every time I DO get ballsy enough to confront someone, I stutter, shake like a leaf, leave important details out, and my face gets super red. Just once I would like it to happen in an intelligent & calm manner.

    I'll get to you on my 10.

  4. You make me laugh. I totally do the shower thing. Not so much lately, as I had this huge belly going on, but I might reinstate that sometime soon.

  5. This is so great, really enjoyed it! So excited to blog my ten things now. : )xoxo

  6. I can relate: I'm a lip-licker, a non-crafter, a blow dryer-hater, and the non-confrontational type. I love this post and insight it provides.


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