Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter sundee.

Easter weekend has been nuts!

We've discovered we are much more in demand now that everyone knows this little girl goes wherever we go. She flirts and smiles and suddenly the invites are rolling in.

The Easter bunny certainly stopped by our house this year and our newest chicky did not go without. He (she?!) brought our Evie a new swimming suit, a chirping chick and summer sandals, among other things. And you didn't hear this from me, but I'm pretty sure the Easter bunny stole already purchased items (tags still on!) from Evie's closet in order to assemble her Easter basket. And guess what, she never caught on.

That Easter bunny is sly.

Ps. I hate peeps.


  1. I love little Evie's pink dress. So cute! I'm glad you all had a great Easter. P.S. I hate peeps too!

  2. Evie's dress is so cute. I'm glad you all had a great easter weekend. It was fun to spend part of it with you.


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