Saturday, April 9, 2011

ella and evie.

 evie and her cousin, ella.
they are 7 weeks apart.
their daddy's are twins.

i hope they share many adventures and secrets over the years.
and when they fight (because they surely will)
i hope they make up quickly.

*i wish i could have gotten better shots of both of their beautiful faces, but ev was looking at me the whole time & ella, of course, was looking right at her mommy.


  1. How fun!! So cool that their names are so similar as well. Jaidyn and her cousin are 2 and a half months apart, I hope they are close too!!

  2. So cute and how fun that they are that close in age. They are both adorable. I need to meet that kid, she is just to stinking cute.

  3. I these babies already! They are both so beautiful and just about the calmest, most chill, sweetest little newborns I've ever seen. They must have some pretty awesome mommies :). Mwah from Aunt Kiersti!

  4. It was supposed to say "I MISS these babies". Not sure what happened there :) It is 5:52 am....

  5. So sweet! I love these pictures. How fun for them to have each other! Love it!

  6. cute pictures! I can't wait to watch them grow up together!

  7. What darling little ladies! I'm sure they'll be best friends!

  8. I love these pics! They are both so beautiful.. We are lucky to have them in our family.


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