Wednesday, April 27, 2011

lessons in motherhood.

01. an office chair that swivels is just as useful as a rocking chair when calming a fussy baby.
02. and when said baby falls asleep in your arms it is best to avoid eating crackers. unless they're 'sweet home sour cream & onion' crackers and then it's worth it.
03. it's also worth it if nursing makes you so hungry you can now eat more than your husband who is 9 inches taller than you.
04. so if that's the case, then just chew quietly.
05. except it's not really possible to chew a cracker quietly so you should probably just stop eating them.
06. it is also not possible to capitalize while holding a sleeping baby in a swivel chair and eating crackers and typing one-handed at the same time.
07. also, typing one-handed takes a really long time and probably isn't worth it.
08. come to think of it, you should probably just set the baby down already and get out of the swivel chair.
09. unless your baby is as sweet and adorable and squish-able as mine...
10. then don't.

the end.

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  1. I may have to stop reading your blog too missy. That baby of yours and the way you talk about her...I'm becoming more and more baby hungry. But I don't think I'm not ready to be a mom just yet. That little Evie is precious and tempting though!


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