Thursday, April 14, 2011

who said bloggers don't post bad pictures of themselves?!

This is why. 
This is why I don't have any good pictures of me and my beeb together and am forced to try take them myself while bending my elbows in ways they don't bend.
time: 6:55 pm
place: my living room.
occasion: Mother, Mother & baby all dressed up about to attend a baby shower. Woop, woop.
my thoughts: "Oh, look, we're all ready to attend Evie's last baby shower! And look! Evie is in a dress and she hasn't pooped on it yet! And I showered today (twice, almost!) and my Mama is here! I want a picture of this!" (could you handle any more explanation points?!)

So, I hand G the camera and say "Babe, love of my life, dearest husband GJO, please take a picture of us"

And he takes the camera from me, snaps a picture, looks at it and says "done".
And i think to myself "swell", but ask him to take a few more, for good measure.
And then I come home hours later and look at the picture.
You know, the picture he originally snapped.
The one he thought was the picture
And the picture is this picture. 
This picture!

 Luckily, I also found this picture:
and I suppose this picture will do.

Ps. I wrote this entire post in all lower case letters and then realized it and had to go back and capitalize because I am now too crazy to accept a lower-case post in my life. Fun, fun.


  1. Hahahahaha - it could be worse! Bryan was in charge of getting pics to a co-worker on Monday so she could do a "spotlight" (hello, are we in 3rd grade?) of me to be presented in a meeting. He chose to put in a picture when I weighed WHAT I DO NOW, 9 MONTHS PREGO of us at Halloween circa 2005. I'm wearing a brown velour track suit, fake lashes & press on nails, and gangsta hair. He is wearing a leotard & tutu. Thanks, husbands, we appreciate your picture discretion.

  2. 3 gorgeous girls.

    It's always a safe bet to make your man take more than 1 pic. always.

  3. Um....can I say I still think it's cute? But yes, the next one is better. Funny boys!

    And just so ya know I can't get my fill of exclamation points. I think I actually scare off clients with my use of them.

    And I am tempted to post a most hideous, and I mean HIDEOUS, picture of myself just for you to see and die over. Seriously. You might die. It is THAT awful....not brave enough yet.

  4. Okay, after reading Kiersti's comment I think we MUST have a post on our most terrible pictures of go first. Haha! :)

  5. Yep, my THIRD comment. But I HAD to, I just noticed the little "E" in the wall collage and loved it and had to say so.


thank you for your shout outs!