Monday, May 2, 2011

10 things for your monday.

10 things {currently making me happy this morning}

01. The fact that I was dressed, beautified and ready to go by 9am this morning (is that sad?)
02. The dead ants all over my house that I am constantly vacuuming up. Because, well, at least they aren't alive this time around!
03. The fact that tights to church is no longer a necessity.
04. 60-70 degrees and sunny this week! What the what?
05.The fact that I ran out of conditioner this morning.
06. Sunrise bars from Costco
07. Impending nuptials
08. Talking about planning a getaway with the G.
09. Recently born babies and soon-to-be-born babies.
10. The Royal Wedding on DVR. Yes, I admit. I got sucked in.

Happy Monday to you!

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