Thursday, May 26, 2011

food festival downtown!

last weekend was officially my favorite weekend in a longgg time. for the first time in a while, the sun was shining, people were happy and there was actually something to do! outside! imagine that!

first ev & i went to a shower for aunty meg, whose wedding to brother jon is just around the corner! her cutest grandma threw the best stinking party (that i'm sure sarah will blog about soon, right sarah?) and we had a great time (despite the fact that evie was like "get me home & put me down for a nap, NOW!" the entire time)

later that evening, g and i went to the living traditions festival & little brother k tagged along. lots of yummy food (tried so many new things), amazing people watching and some cool (and not-so-cool) on stage performances.

here's to hoping summer is on it's way and there will be more fun to be had. well done, slc!

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