Tuesday, May 31, 2011


want to see what the month of may looked like in our lives, via the cellular?
alright then...
on memorial day weekend we visited grandpa's grave, had a family bbq, went to breakfast, lunch & dinner (a few times, actually), did cartwheels, somersaults, handstands & lifts in the backyard and ate a lot of popcorn.
we went on lots of dates. this particular one was to setebello for pizza.

evie met jane kinyon! this is also known as the night ev had a major meltdown (her first) that we couldn't make better. it was kind of funny. i laughed. whoops.

holls & i enjoyed some park time, some kitchen time and a few walks with our babies. this afternoon we decided to throw our babies in a large pile & take pictures. we're really good mothers, i promise.

we went to the zoo! i feel the urge to always say the "zoo-z-zoo" when referring to this place.
do you feel that urge? where does it come from?!

we visited the burbanks and ev met beau burbank for the first time!
she has these brothers to choose from when it comes time to marry. choose wisely, ev.
we spent hours in the bumbo, on the playmat and examining the toys.
and this is what my life looks like every day at 5pm; me and evie in her bedroom keeping ourselves occupied & counting down the minutes until g gets home. what does your life look like at 5pm?
we went to the tulip festival and ev met marley chunat! that girl has a lot of friends these days.

we spent lots of time with the bride & groom to be. 
dinner at citrus grill, helping with their wedding prep & just hanging out.
meg and i also caught a late-night movie. we love them.
dinner at citrus grill.

and the girls went for a mother's day pedicure and lunch.

there you have it...bits & pieces of may. despite the crazy weather, we managed to have fun.
here's to summer, the stroller, the pool & sunshine. happy june!


  1. Sooo glad Ev & Marley could meet. Looks like a successful May! Let's hope June is a little warmer....

  2. what a fun month you've had! Hopefully we can have lots of playdates together this summer before preschool starts up again. Makayla is in love with Evie. and p.s. I got my new stroller, so I'm up for any outing!! yippee

  3. fun! no somersaults pictures?

  4. I'm exhausted from this post....and admittedly a little jealous. As someone who isn't used to be stuck at home, this whole "our baby is too little to leave for hours and hours on end" is really getting to me.
    But I digress - we really need to give this Jane & Ev thing another shot. Remind your sweet girl that I am not scary - I'm really very nice and I will sneak her treats when her mom & dad aren't looking (when she's old enough to have them, of course).

  5. LOVE YOU! So much fun. We need to hang out again asap


thank you for your shout outs!