Thursday, May 26, 2011

month four.

Can I just say that I LOVE the baby stage. I know some people aren't so fond of this stage (they can't talk, they need to be carried, they sleep a lot, they have blow-outs, you know...) But I absolutely love it. I love having a tiny person on my hip all day long. I love that she can't crawl away and get into trouble when I set her down. I love her gummy smiles and little laughs. I love that her and I are attached at the boob hip all day long and after having a baby in my home, I honestly can't imagine ever not having a baby in my home (and wow, that might cause some problems, huh?)....
Moving on.

We went to Ev's 4 month checkup the other day and little girl is still a teeny tiny little girl. She is only in the 7th percentile for weight, but has climbed up to the 67th percentile for height! Tall and skinny. I told her that there are worse things to be, am I right, ladies?! Despite the fact that she is small, she loves to eat & looks nice and chubby to me.

Of course a checkup also meant the dreaded shots that are supposed to be no big deal, but in this house they are a very big deal, because they mean tears and pain all night long. We went to see Nana after the appointment and Ev seemed to be okay for a while, but after an hour or so, she was more hysterical than I've ever seen her. It broke my heart, but luckily she had two of us there to comfort and hold her and she is feeling much better now.

Here are some snapshots from her big day. I've realized I honestly take at least 5 pictures of her every single day on my phone, but I haven't really photographed her in a while, so we will try to get that done soon.

waiting for the doctor. we waited for a long time & amused ourselves with the crinkly paper!
finally asleep. those cheeks are edible! they taste like Swedish fish!
her first night sleeping without the swaddle (the doc told us to stop). she did fine until 2am when she woke me up crying, at which point i deliriously stumbled into her room thinking to myself "what time is it!?" because i haven't been up with her in the night for something like 8 weeks now & i forgot how to function at that hour. anyways, i didn't even think twice- just went in and swaddled her little waddle so tight and we both went right back to bed & never regretted it for a second. whatever.
poor little nakey baby time with band-aids on her thighs!

Happy 4 months my sweetest girl!


  1. i love that the itty bitty snoopy bandaids from Dreamy's office are SO big on her little leg! :) I snuggle my babies the whole day after shots. SO sad. Can't handle that sad look of betrayal.

  2. she is adorable chubby in my opinion. What's up with Dr. D telling you to not swaddle her? I say if she likes it, do it! :) We miss you guys, can we come see you soon?

  3. Shot days at our house used to be horrible hidious days! Not only did the shots make my bb's cry but I cried along with them! Poor D would have to console our babes and me too! I'm glad it gets over quick and they (and us mommas) soon forget the pain we have to go through! Your Ev is too too cute! And I'm with Jennie, if she likes to be swaddled why not? It's not hurting anything is it? Seems like she gets a bit of comfort out of it ;)

  4. hi! remember me? annie's sister? sometimes i like to come catch up on your blog and just think you're great. love your tall skinny girl and you make me laugh real hard. glad to see all is well!


thank you for your shout outs!