Wednesday, May 11, 2011

swaddle me.

Tonight is one of those nights where I am so exhausted I have no idea why I am sitting here at the computer when I could be swimming in my silky soft sheets and enjoying my ice-cold pillow instead. I don't know. Sometimes I make bad decisions.

Except I'm here because I'm tired. And I feel like talking about that. Because, well, how do the rest of you Mothers do it? And I mean, seriously. You know you Mothers whose babies continue to wake up in the middle of the night well into their first year of life. Yes, you Mothers! You Mothers are amazing! Also, you Mothers who have more than one child! And how do you do that, really!? Do you down a few bottles of 5 hour energy each morning? Do you eat nothing but caffeinated foods all day long (dark chocolate and diet coke, perhaps? I think that's wise). I mean what in the world wide web do I have to be complaining about, anyway.

Except, being a Mother is exhausting. Especially when I consider that I'm responsible for teaching her to talk, to walk, to roll over, to sit, to stand, to sing, to read, to chew, to swallow, to say her prayers, to say thank you, to not feed her cheerios to the dogs, to know how to throw a decent punch (because I do!), to like tomatoes and to never ever talk to strangers. I also plan on teaching her how to forge signatures and memorize song lyrics, but maybe that's just me.

And then there's the tummy time. Darn that tummy time! I never remember the tummy time. I think today's session was only Ev's 3rd in her life and needless to say, girlfriend doesn't perform as expected on the tummy. Usually I just watch her try to suckle and nurse the blanket her face is shoved up against for a few minutes and then call it good (but don't you fret, because her head is round and she can totally hold it up all by herself, the rockstar). Anyways, somewhere in between the diapers, the baths, nursing, more nursing and the tummy time, boy am I wiped out.

Also, have we discussed the weather!? Today we went for a walk in the crisp May air (you know, the crisp MAY AIR, no big deal) and Evie wore her full-body snow suit in order to stay warm. And I thought to myself, "Self, why is my baby wearing a full-body fleece snow suit in MAY!?" Something about that just makes me question everything I once believed about the world. Because May is for the ice cream man and swing-sets. Full-body snow suits should be burned as a celebratory act on March 1st and should never re-surface until December. I mean, AM I RIGHT?!

I feel better now that we've talked about these things. Tomorrow I'm going to follow the token advice everyone gives when one has a baby and "sleep when my baby sleeps". I plan on 3 (maybe 2?! I don't know, we're still figuring that out) afternoon naps and a morning snooze session while watching Baby Einstein. Oh and then I'll be dozing off for 30 minute power naps at least 3 times tomorrow night before I'm swaddled and in my footy pajams by 9pm.

It's going to be a good day.

*If you made it to the end of this ramble, I have a prize for you, because guess what!? It just occurred to me that I have been swaddled before in my life (post diapers) and you can find a picture of that here. You're welcome.


  1. hahaha I just read the whole thing and plan on claiming my prize. I will tell you this, the first was harder. I handled it so differently than the second. It's all so new and unknown that it IS exhausting. You are both still figuring this whole thing out. Now, I have TWO kids, I work full time, and my baby still wakes up a couple time in the night. You just become better at it with time, little by little. It's this whole day by day thing. You are a wonderful mother and being a mother also means being tired. So, I guess props! If you're not worn out by the end of the day, you probably have a nanny. LOL Love you girl!!!

  2. amen to that. I am exhausted all the time, but my little girl has yet to sleep through the night. Someday... hopefully...

  3. I'm not a Mother yet. But I seriously commend all those who are! Someday I imagine I'll be in your shoes and want to be swaddled =]

  4. Totally started giggling when I saw the title of this post - most hilarious night ever!
    And here's how other moms do it.....we have no idea. It's called survival mode. Every. Single. Day.
    Oh, and Diet Coke. Lots of it.

  5. You're funny jess! Motherhood is very exhausting not just physically but mentally too. I'm convinced that's why I can't remember anything these days! Hope you get some rest soon.

  6. if you are exhausted now, just wait til she starts crawling, walking, cleaning out every cabinet, drawer and closet you have. Its insanity!!! :)

  7. You're tired because you're a good mom. :) I make "bad" decisions too. Like staring at my little one and smiling in the dark instead of going to bed. Like starting to wind down at 10:00 because that's when I finally can. Or like choosing not to go running in the morning because I've been up every hour of the night with a sick baby. Like reading your blog instead of taking a nap. :) Like taking my children to the childcare at the gym in an effort to keep up on myself and end up bring home a baby with chicken pox. (sigh) Ahhh well, you do the best you can. And I bet even being exhausted that you find time to giggle with that sweet little Evie of yours.


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