Thursday, June 9, 2011

at my house.

our thursday was pretty eventful...

first evie watched a little bit of baby Einstein while i got ready, ate breakfast, fed the know. do your babies watch baby Einstein? should i feel bad that mine loves it? we only watch once per day, but she squeals and stares like it's the greatest 40 minutes of her life. she's learning stuff, yes? i mean, i think that part where the bears put on rain coats and dance with umbrellas is definitely educational.

after baby Einstein, we hit up play group and saw some of my dearest dears. evie played on the swings, went down the slide, ran in circles, the usual....or maybe she just sat there, i can't remember. we might be too young for play group. we might not care. see ya next time, friends!

then scotty-too-hottie-for-his-naughty-body came over. we sat on the lawn and i told him stories about all of my neighbors. some of them like to sit on their porches and smoke illegal substances in the evenings. that didn't happen where i grew up. i think its just an avenues thing.

while we were outside some neighborhood hooligans walked by and tried to befriend bubba, but he barked ferociously and tried to scare them off. "careful, he's mean!" i said and they ran away. i was kidding, you know, but hopefully our car doesn't get egged again tonight (true story!).

anyways, later we talked about "16 & pregnant" and i took this picture of him. i am not 16, in case you were wondering. sometimes when i forget to wear my wedding ring people give me that look like "are you a teen mother!?" and i feel inclined to say "listen up, lady, i'm 24 and married, so shut it!"

after scott left, evie requested to please play in her jumpy thing. this takes significant work to achieve, seeing as she is bite-sized and her feet don't touch the ground, nor does her body fill the seat, but hey-we make it work.

then we lounged on the lawn until it got too windy/cold to lounge on the lawn any longer. i cursed the utah weather like i always do and took my bite-sized baby inside.

now the baby is napping and i have a few minutes to spare before the husband gets home and i have to attend to my wifely duties (dinner, cleaning, baths, you know).

not bad for a thursday. (did you know that thursdays used to be my favorite day of the week? that was back when i knew what day of the week it was, of course. now any day when it is sunny and something is written on the calender is my favorite day of the week.)
what about you, friends? good day?


  1. My son loved Baby Einstein. Baby Neptune was his favorite one of all!

  2. I love the pictures of your daughter. She is so adorable! I had a pretty good day. I can't wait for the weekend to come!


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