Tuesday, June 21, 2011

month five.

she's five months old today.

her eyes are really blue.
her hair is really blond.
her cheeks are really rosy.

she loves to roll from back to tummy and then yell for me to come flip her back.
she jabbers, laughs, smiles and screams in excitement at me all day long.

she is shy.
she is observant.
she reminds me of her dad.

she says "mamamama" when she is upset.
she isn't referring to me.
it is still my favorite thing ever.

she is cuddly.
she puts everything in her mouth.
she gives the best hugs and kisses.

we love her.


  1. She is growing so fast. Stop it Evie! She looks like she is getting a little chubbier :). Jane has that same mouse and she LOVES the tags on it. We take it everywhere.

  2. Look how CUTE she is. siiiiiiigh. She is now the age Brayden was when I took her newborn pics. Just thought I'd throw in some perspective. :)

  3. Seriously the cutest little peanut ever! I need to kiss her cheeks!

  4. She is such a cute and fun baby. I had a blast hanging out with her last weekend and I loved that she actually smiled at me a few times!! Happy 5 months evie!


thank you for your shout outs!