Tuesday, July 5, 2011

i pledge allegiance to my fussy baby.

listen, it was evie's first official fourth of july, but she didn't participate in the fireworks portion of the evening. don't judge us, okay? we had a lovely day dragging her here, there and everywhere (ward breakfast, park city outlets, davanzas, famous daves) and by the time 8:00pm rolled around she wanted no more! "no more red, white and blue!" she cried! "i don't like this holiday!!!....put me to bbbbeeedddd!!"
and so we did.

sorry fourth of july. she dressed the part, but she wasn't really a fan. we'll get her next year!

these are evie's parents. oh dear.

g and i had fun celebrating with family. can't wait for the 24th! we'll be celebrating that one from the comfort of our roof. nothing beats watching every firework show the valley has to offer.

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