Thursday, July 14, 2011


{i know, i know, blog about something BESIDES your baby! listen up. people...i can't.}

anyways, milestones. 
we've reached a few.

exhibit a: rice cereal (as per our earlier discussions)

the food went in, the food came back out. the tongue was hilarious. the father couldn't handle the mess (let's turn back, he cried!), the mother loved every minute of it. and we forgot to take her clothes off first (rookie mistake!). a week later, she is eating the stuff like a professional, licking the tray for more and screaming when we are done. oh, boy.

exhibit b: the pool 

she la la loved it. we've been 3 times since. i spent every summer of my childhood in the pool, so i'm sure evie's childhood will be the same. get ready, girlfriend because i am going to teach you the art of multiple underwater flips, learning to dive, handstand contents and marco polo (naturally).

exhibit c: i cannot think of an exhibit c.

stay tuned for upcoming milestones!

exhibit d: sitting up (we are oh so very close)
exhibit e: vegetables (get excited)
exhibit f: getting dunked in the pool. yes, you read that right. 
i plan to dunk my baby in the pool.
exhibit g: i cannot think of an exhibit g!


  1. I try to blog about something besides my baby too, but come on... they are pretty much consuming our lives, so it's only natural... :) Yay for milestones!

  2. I can't believe how big she is already! Wow!

  3. I'm sure you know but if you blow in her face b4 you dunk it causes a little stunned suck in and holding of breath for a few seconds (hers, not yours) I think it's fab that you post all about your bb, the most important thing in your life should be shared!

  4. I love her little swimming suit.. so precious! She will be a summer, beach girl just like her momma!


thank you for your shout outs!