Monday, July 25, 2011


  • evie has become a fan of biting things. need i say more? i mean, really, NEED I SAY MORE!?
  • and, i went ahead and dunked her in the pool. she was completely shocked by it and took several minutes to get her bearings, but not a single tear.
  • j bubba and i have been working on our relationship. 
  • the husband has been stressed to the max getting ready for his upcoming trip to china and his new life as a student/employee/dad/husband/son/slave, etc. i think he is just realizing how hard it's going to be (i swear for a while there he was just thinking it was going to be TRIPS!) wish him luck, folks.
  • i have been trying to figure out how i can make him a little study area and provide him with a way to keep all of his shiz organized while he accumulates a million studious things. or in other words, who wants to come to ikea and buy stuff with me?!
  • evs and i are preparing to go stay with the parents for a few weeks.
  • we've been going to weddings, weddings and more weddings.
  • i've been melting into a pile of sweat every afternoon as i carry evie and walk the dogs up and down the aves. but, hey, good workout!
  • toby has been sleeping. seriously, that's all.
  • we've been waging a war against any and all fruit flies in our home. 4 dead so far. 
  • i've been meeting friends for lunch and park time and trying to be a better girlfriend, in general. you here that, ladies!? let's get together!
  • and number one on our list of recent activities: a new nephew born just yesterday!

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