Tuesday, July 5, 2011

tuesday's musings.

what does this picture have to do with this post. oh, nothing. but don't you love the lighting in it?!
today i decided to wear a maxi skirt and try really hard to be pleasant and martha stewart-ish. i vowed to scrub something, iron something and try hard to get an important errand run. i had a few in mind until i realized that i promised evie jane no car seat rides would be taken today (many, many car-seat rides were taken over the weekend) and my house is clean already, so what then?

since, i couldn't think of what to do and my baby was napping, i gave the dogs a bath. i used some really wonderful smelling shampoo and dry-heaved as i tried to pull the eye boogers off of their eye hairs (i cannot do it!). after we finished they ran around the house like maniacs until they were dry enough to pass out on the carpet. do you want to know if they look clean, friends? they do not. they still look filthy. they look homeless. they smell like poop. but, i bathed them and the tub is now grimy as a result and i feel confused.

i think evie must be growing a lot right now, because all girlfriend wants to do is sleep. sleeps for 12 hours at night, up for one hour, back down for 2 (sometimes 3), up for 1.5, down again for 2...by the time daddy gets home she's got a solid 16 hours under her belt and yet, still wants to be in bed by 8:30. she leads a nice little life, that one.

as for me, the hardest part about my life right now is that my sink smells bad. do you know what i mean? there are no dirty washcloths in the sink (not even any dirty dishes) and i have wiped and sprayed and spritz and still, it stinks. this is one of the worst things that can happen to a woman, don't you think? i keep walking in and out of the kitchen sniffing the smell and attempting to destroy it and i am making no progress. send help, would you?

my husband is going to china in a few weeks. he is getting an mba and he got into a really great school and yadi yadi yadda, he will be gone for 16 days. last night i couldn't sleep, but of course, he could, so i lay next to him in bed and wondered what in the world i will do while he is gone. a few years ago i took a trip to san francisico over my birthday without him and i was a miserable mess the entire time. i cried. i felt out of place. i muttered "if g was here..." a few too many times under my breath. by the end of my trip my parents proclaimed that i was not a pleasant person to be around when separated from him for an extended period of time and they would not be taking me away from him again. we were gone for 5 days.

and now he'll be gone for 16, so assume what you will. sometimes i just feel like he is the only person who consistently makes sense to me. who doesn't make me feel the need to grumble and scratch my head. who says the right things at the right times. who doesn't gross me out while eating dinner (and never licks his fingers, so help me!), who makes me feel like i make sense, who doesn't get really annoying after a while.

perhaps this is just the result of living together for almost five years or perhaps he is just a really nice person to be around (i think so) but i really really don't do well without him.

i mean, he always chews his food with his mouth closed. you know?

ps. someday, when i feel like writing again, i have two really great things to tell you about. one involves a dead rat and the other involves a stranger pounding on my door at 3:30am. get excited.


  1. Jessica!! Its been forever! Your blog is darling and your little girl is so gorgeous. Hope everything is going great. i had a stinky sink before..half of a whole lemon down the drain and grind it up and baking soda down the drain once a day is great!!


  2. OH FOR THE LOVE!!! I just wrote the longest comment ever and it totally did not save! Lucky you ;)

    The short of it... Lemon or Lime in the drain, I cut it up in little pieces and let it sit for awhile then grind it with the disposal. I also use a WHOLE BOX of baking soda, down the drain, around the drain and everywhere I think it stinks, let it sit until I can't stand not using my sink and wash it down! Good luck with that.

    It's fantastic to have found the one you can't stand to be apart from, doesn't matter if he's gone 5 days or 16 days, it's too long huh? Hope you can keep yourself busy enough not to miss him too bad while he's away!

    And lastly I missed you at Jane's blessing. I had to boogie out because D doesn't attend those things I wanted to hurry home to him. Next time I'll stick around long enough to say Hi and be properly introduced to your Evie!

    PS I love your blog, your words make me smile ;)

  3. I'm Sarah and Megan's cousin, and a new reader to your cute blog. Sometimes my sink smells gross too, and here's what I do: at Bed Bath & Beyond they sell little tablets called Plink you can use by grinding them up in your disposal. But in a pinch, I pour some ammonia (strong smelling but effective) down, let it sit, then put a sliced lemon or lime down there and let the disposal run for a few minutes. Then rinse with hot water. Hope these ideas work for you!

  4. If it makes you feel any better Jess, my hubby will be gone the entire month of September (26 days to be exact.) The longest we have been apart was 13 days and it was hardly bearable. Not to mention it really sucks being a single mom! Oh well. Nothing lots of skype, pedicures, movie nights with the babe, girls nights and craft catch ups to make the pain a little more bearable! you can do it! :)

  5. I love the lighting. Yes, I do.

    I'm dreading China for you. Licking fingers is gross. Licking plates is more so.

    Try putting orange rinds down the disposal with really hot water on.

    I am supposed to be REALLY REALLY busy right now with work, house hunting, scrubbing the crayon covered clothes that came out of my dryer this morning, and a shower is not a bad idea either. However, the only thing that does sound right today is reading your blog, maybe going back to bed, & eating my body weight in peanut m&m's. Jess' blog read. Check. Where are the m&m's?

    I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart would not even speak to me today. Hahahaaha!


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