Monday, August 1, 2011

august and everything after.

this morning went a little bit like this: spit-up, dog poop, dingle-berry, dog bath, clean the bathroom, clean the kitchen, clean the tub, and finally, more spit-up. gosh, this life is glamorous.

now i am showered, the baby is napping, the dogs no longer stink and i'm thinking a bit clearer. our weekend was full of miniature soaps, shampoos and deodorants as well as fresh brownies and a little bit of stress, so i am grateful for the rain this morning, which is soothing my soul as it always does.

the husband is leaving for china in a few days and the end of summer will certainly be lonely without him, but i've got fall (glorious fall!) and a trip to london (together!) around the corner and i'm hopeful that the thought of these things will keep my spirits up even while he is a world away.

with that said, happy august, friends.

even though i'm dreaming of fall, here's to soaking up the last bit of summer. i've still got afternoon thunderstorms, mornings at the pool and creamies on the front lawn to look forward to! hope you are enjoying the rest of yours.


  1. Happy august to you! I'm sorry about your stressful day/weekend, please let us know if there's anything you need while g is away. We would be happy to help. Evie is welcome to come play if you need some time to yourself :)

  2. London?? What the....with or without the beeb? How fun!!! Jane & I will have to come spend an evening or so with you one of those days that G is gone. I'm not bringing the other 2. That would just be craziness.

  3. so you may think this is so weird, but I just found your blog and saw in your last post with you and your baby you have a teal skirt in the background. I need to find a teal skirt for a friends wedding and that looks so cute! Do you mind me asking where you got it?!

  4. Hi Ali,

    I don't think its weird! But you didn't leave your email address or anything, so I hope you see this! Let me know if you do. That skirt actually belongs to a friend of mine and I believe she got it from Target. If I remember right, the brand is mossimo. Good luck finding one! :-)



thank you for your shout outs!