Thursday, August 25, 2011

a letter to friday (that's right!).

well hello there, friday. i thought you'd never come. while i have your attention, i have a few things i need to get off my chest.

first of all, i would just like to inform you that life has made very little sense to me this week. seriously, friday, i'm baffled.

first, my husband came home. which was wonderful and made me feel giddy and nervous and in love. except, he's not really home. you know? he's here, but holy hell is that man busy. works likes a slave, studies like a grad student, sleeps like a baby, has no time for us anymore. and i'm not complaining, because i signed up for this. i encouraged him and rooted him on and told him he should do it. and i realize this will pay off for us when he is finished, but wow, single parenting is not for wimps! i was seriously not prepared for the exhaustion being a grad-student's wife, and therefore, a widow, entails (and this is only week one!). do you hear me, friday? single parenting! NOT. FOR. WIMPS. don't try it.

and then there's the sleep thing. i can't sleep. which doesn't make any sense because i'm back in my own bed now, sleeping on my deliciously cold silky white sheets. and that husband of mine is next to me, once again, shoving his ice-cold toes all up in my bed-space (as per usual) and all should be right with the world, except it's not, because i'm exhausted and yet, i'm awake. you know?!

also, there's the blog. holy mother effer, friday, THE BLOG. i realize it is no big deal to you. i realize you think i am dramatic (we've discussed this-i am), but this whole blog-losing-all-it's-pictures crap has stressed me out to no end. it's like someone came and ripped all the photos out of the photo album that i've spent the last 4 years compiling and i really want my photo album back in order! can't you just make that happen for me?!

having the blog so broken feels like i'm living in a house that's a mess all the time. it's like i have a huge class project or test looming in the future and absolutely no time to study for it. it's like KIM KARDASHIAN NEVER EVEN GOT MARRIED (because i haven't even had time to google it!)

so, friday, all the stress has led me here, to the computer, and to you. for now, i have g's super expensive headphones on and the music is turned up real loud and i'm shaking my head to the beat and dancing a little in my chair and feeling very small underneath the twinkle of the night sky in my house made of glass.

be good to me, friday. please be good to me.

yes, technically this is posted on thursday, but's it's 11:34pm, so don't stress yourself out too bad.

*for everyone who is seeing pictures, you have to dive into my archives to see what i am talking about. i've already restored 2011 and 2010. two more YEARS to go.


  1. I still can't believe you lost all your pictures. You need Red Mango, STAT! And in a few years, when G's making his millions, you'll look back as you're sitting on a beach together, taking your 5th vacation of the year and think "hey, remember when we thought school would never end?". And it will be awesome :)

  2. I know how you feel with the whole school and being home but not home thing. There are times when Emma doesn't even see Todd from Sunday night until Thursday night, 20 minutes before she goes to bed. It will be over one day, and while I have never gotten totally used to it, it does get a little easier.
    sorry about the hard week!

  3. Single parenting is SO exhausting. If I have a week like that I stay up super late just to have time to myself to think my own thoughts. Which, of course, then leads to more exhaustion. It's insanity!!! I feel very much the same with Clay and just LIFE right now. I feel like I should introduce him to the kids every couple of days. It's always he or I gone or our kids and we're on a house viewing marathon. I just want us all to have a normal dinner together like normal people. Bah!!!! Oh I need the GNO.....

    I agree, Friday needs to bring it's A game today.

  4. ...nope. Single parenting is not for whimps. ; ) xo


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