Saturday, August 13, 2011

since you've been gone.

i absolutely cannot resist the allure of using that title for this post. it brings back way too many memories of angsty car rides with my girlfriends (windows down, screaming our guts out) back in the day. and if you don't have a clue what i am talking about then, i apologize.

we've been doing alright without our g man around. really, it's going better than i could have hoped for. mostly due to the fact that i'm keeping myself busy, busy, busy. we've been at the pool, to the park, on walks, to eat out (again and again and again) to the gateway for shopping, to lunch, lost in a book and back again.

it's only when i pause for a moment at a stoplight or while rocking evie before bed that i realize i am missing my other half and the loneliness starts to creep in. but then, i snuggle my smiling baby or open a book or hold an impromptu dance party to the horror of my siblings and i'm alright again. i'll admit, it's a relief to realize that i really can do this separation thing (considering this is the first of many trips similar to this one he will take in the coming year). i miss him. i'm lonely. i'd rather have him here. but, i can do it.

regardless of the relief, we can't wait to get that scruffy boy home. and truth be told, i miss him for a million reasons, but mostly i just want someone around who will help me carry the gosh darn car seat again. (kidding, g. come home soon!)

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  1. very cute picture. I'm glad to hear that you're doing alright. Separation really is the worst. Hang in there!


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