Monday, September 19, 2011

beat the blahs.

all weekend i was feeling the blahs.

i cannot lie to you, my friends!
i've been feeling the blahs.

i don't know why. i mean, i have no right! friday night my sweetest mother-in-law gave up her entire evening to come to my house and play with my baby so i could go on a date with my very own norwegian lover. and he took me to sushi at happy sumo, even though it doesn't fill him up (bless him) and then to a movie, which i ended up loving with my whole heart. we spied on some really gross couple fondling each other outside the theater and examined new pants at the gap and then i found a stray stuffed bat to bring home to j bubba and really, good heavens, how could any of this lead to the blahs?!

the next day, we even packed our little family of 3 up in the car and went to the zoo! the air was the perfect combination of warm and cool and there was a faint dusting of leaves on the pavement. we sat through the bird show (where the famed owl flew right over g's head!) and spent plenty of time with my lovers, the elephants, so i don't know how any of that could have led me to the blahs, either?

i don't know, my friends! i tell you, i have no idea.

last night, while pondering all of this, i decided i'd had enough. dinner had been cleaned up, the baby was washed and in her crib and my norwegian lover was in the bedroom watching a football game as i sat in the living room watching the emmy's (because really, we just cannot compromise sometimes) and then, there it was, so i went into the bedroom to declare it!

"i've had enough!" i cried. "no more football, no more emmys! even if it kills us we are just going to sit on this bed and stare at each other (or something??) until i feel better!"

so off the tv went and out came all of my irrational, completely random and totally bizarre thoughts and feelings for all the throw pillows to hear. g listened as well as any norwegian lover can and then, somehow, i found myself receiving a back tickle in return. soon the back tickle turned into a body tickle which always makes me certain my life is going to end right this very instant if you don't stop tickling me!! and then i paid him back with a healthy dose of face touching (which can i just tell you, g the norwegian LOATHES) and soon, i had him begging for mercy.

like magic, that made me feel better! (?)


  1. i feel like there was something in the air! i had the same sort of weekend. and it sounds like our solution was similar haha and let's talk about your great clothes/shoes. can i have them?

  2. Random & totally bizarre thoughts may be the death of me. A friend of mine snapped me out of them yesterday. Relief!! Bahhhh!! P.s. I keep thinking about your shoe beautiful.

  3. your posts are always so funny! you're a fab writer! :)

    glad you're feeling better!


thank you for your shout outs!