Monday, September 19, 2011

the zoo (z-zoo).

saturday afternoon, we went to the zoo.

i've decided that the zoo is where i'd like to be from now until december. i mean, first we get to hang out in the crisp september air surrounded by the fall mountains (what more could you want?!) and then, the zoo will become all spookified in october and covered in twinkle lights in november & december. i mean, really, who's with me?!?

anyways, we had such a grand time. especially because evie is finally old enough to notice that we are somewhere new and exciting and even look at all the creatures with curiosity. her favorites were the monkeys and the peacocks. the elephants were too far away to be noticed and she kind of slept through the giraffes, which is such a shame, because the giraffes were A RIOT.

i could have stared at this guy all day. what is it with this pose?! such a weirdo.

and then we went home and watched the utes spank the cougs that evening. we celebrated with a concrete from nielsens.

the end.

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  1. We spent many a day at the zoo when my girls were little! A zoo pass was a definate MUST at our house! Now that their teens we haven't been for awhile but Annie did win a couple tix and I dropped her and Shawna off not too long ago with a couple of their friends, maybe next time me and D will join them!

    PS I've posted pics of the bubbles on my eye just for your viewing pleasure, you'll have to check out our blog to see ;) Don't be too frightened, they're harmless!


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