Thursday, September 29, 2011

sucktastic solids.

those of you who hate it when bloggers get all mommy-bloggerish and go on about things the rest of us couldn't care less about, LOOK AWAY, because i'm about to do just that.

and here i go...

(i just have to get this off my chest).

in fact, some days i think that solids are the worst.

i mean, remember the days when all i had to do in order to feed her was snuggle her and watch a little mindless tv for 10 minutes as she sweetly nursed? WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE DAYS?!

now they want me to feed her actual food. and 3 times a day?! they tell me she should be eating half solids in a months time, but why does she have to grow up so soon anyways?!

i'm convinced that those of you who love the solids thing have babies who aren't the grabbiest babies in the world, because otherwise you'd be grumpy about it too.

these days we cannot get through a meal without food in her hair, in her eyes, up her nose, in her diaper, on the walls, in my hair, on the floor and splattered across the kitchen. and this girl's skin can only take so much wiping and washing before it becomes sore, red, sensitive norwegian daddy skin!

solids aren't so great!

on the plus side, evie made such a mess with lunch this afternoon that BOTH OF US needed a good scrubbing after she was finished. and a shower in the middle of the day WITH my baby is a blast and kind of makes up for the fact that i have to let her grow up at all.

kind of.


  1. she is SUCH a doll! i can't believe how old she is getting.
    seriously, solids are hard. i became really good at holding down owen's hands and feeding him at the same time. wait until they get older and they want you to feed her normal foods. i was like, "what? he can't eat grilled cheese at every meal?" coming up with healthy things every single time kills me.

    best of luck!!

    ps. i'd still love to do lunch soon.

  2. Agreed. Living on milk wouldn't really be THAT terrible until they're 4 right?

  3. i feel the same. i freakin hate them. messy and inconvenient! milk for life!

  4. I concur!!! Solids suck....and my baby is VERY grabby, too, and thinks that she will get the pureed sweet potatoes in her mouth quicker by shoving her fist in her mouth than by letting me put them in with a spoon. And then she gets pissed when there are no sweet potatoes soaked into her flesh for her to suck out, and screams. It's quite fun. 3 kids and I'm still not OK with how messy it is. Maybe we should start actually feeding them in the tub....not a bad idea.....


thank you for your shout outs!