Wednesday, September 7, 2011



teeth have been the theme of this week so far, and let me just say, teeth have been seriously stressing the girls in this household out. 

first, little evs decided it was time to cut a tooth. we were excited when we saw it peeking it's way through the other day, but sad when girlfriend woke up shrieking a few times that night as a result. we administered the tylenol and sang a few lullabies and let her comfort-nurse her little heart out and then BAM!!! a tooth appeared right before our very eyes!

after the little sucker emerged, we figured the worst of it was over, but found out we were wrong when we had to ditch bachelor pad/bbq time with the fam the next night in order to flee for home as tooth numero 2 set it's sights on the big, bad world. i could practically hear that tooth making it's way through her gums as we drove home in the darkness and listened to our little lady shriek.


if you think that's where it ends, you are wrong, because GUESS WHO GOT A ROOT CANAL, LIKE, 8 HOURS AGO! here's a hint, it wasn't evie and it wasn't g.

that's right, i went in to have a tooth that's been hurting me looked at this morning with the knowledge that maybe, possibly, perhaps i might need an itty bitty little root canal, and then, BAM! before i even knew what was happening-ROOT CANAL HAPPENING RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT OPEN YOUR MOUTH WIIIDDDEEE!

i mean, really, one minute the endodontist was introducing himself and mentioning that we would "just take a little look" and the next he is squirting ice cold water in the teeth crevices of my problem area (WORSE THAN AN EPIDURAL!!) and hooking me up to laughing gas and shoving needles into the ROOF OF MY MOUTH and drilling giant holes into the center of my brain while i slowly shriveled up and died an agonizing death.

sort of.

i seriously want to tell you, in detail, what it feels like to have a hole the size of the grand canyon drilled in your tooth and the nerves ripped out one by one, but i tried to tell g over the phone this afternoon and he told me he was starting to feel nauseous and promptly hung up.

you guys, we are in serious PAIN over here! evs and i already decided to spend the entire day tomorrow administering tylenol to one another, taking warm baths, watching girl movies and eating the cookies you will surely drop off on our doorstep after reading this post.


*on a side note, i know i had a root canal and everything, but can we still be friends?! i swear i've only had a few cavities in my lifetime and am very diligent about my dental care (anyone who knows me knows i am slightly obsessed and in love with my you want his number?!?) and apparently this shiz just happens sometimes. apparently? whatever. it didn't make me feel any better.


  1. Yay Evie - cutting teeth is the worst, but now she will be so happy.....and learn to bite - double yay!
    Some day, when you're older, I'll tell you about the root canal I had when I was 10 weeks pregnant with Lauren. It involved an ER visit, persistent vomiting, and back spasms. Oh yeah. Root canals are almost the worst thing in the history of the world. I feel for you!

  2. That little tooth of evie's is so cute! I'm just sad that she was in pain cutting it :( As for your root canal, I'm shivering in pain just thinking about it. I'm "slightly" scared of the dentist and that is exactly why. Ahhhhh, so sorry!

  3. And I'm a WRECK over a cavity being filled. I too love my dentist & his entire office and maybe find reasons to be one of those weird ladies and find reasons to drop by on occasion. Kidding! But really...l-o-v-e. So Ev-a-licious got teeth! Woohoo! The drooling can subside, am I right? Seriously, they're such a juicy mess before they pop through. Haha! Enjoy your tylenol and cartoons!!! Loves!


thank you for your shout outs!