Wednesday, October 5, 2011

caffeine tastes good.

earlier today, after evie and i had visited the target (where dreams come true!) and were driving home through the rain, i thought to myself, "it is time for a diet coke".

usually, i feel this way every day around 4pm. i need a diet coke. i need the fizz and the pop and lets just be honest, i need the caffeine!

i called my husband to commiserate. "evie and i are on our way home from target and the security guard at the door thought i was trying to steal a gallon of milk (?!?!) and i bought evie a halloween bag and IT IS TIME FOR A DIET COKE!!"

"it is time for a diet coke" he agreed.
and then the thought came to me "are we addicted?!"

i mean, if the mere thought of 4:00 in the afternoon without a diet coke sends terror to my soul, do i need rehab?! can i join a support group?!

(these are not rhetorical questions. please and thank you.)

i didn't get the diet coke, just so you know.

ps. it should also be mentioned that i went off the caffeine during pregnancy and survived without it just fine, so there's that.


  1. your blog is looking so clean and good! but that's not the reason i'm commenting. i'm commenting because - what! how are we twins? this week i said to tanner - no more soda. (i know you never said that) but it's because i had the saaame feeling of "oh, i need to have a diet coke" and i was feeling mad so my decision was to stop it all together. we'll find out if it was a bad idea later. so there's that.

  2. I love DC! If you're able to wait until 4:00, that's great! I have a can on my way to work, a DC with lunch, and typically a can or two at night! Yikes....I really may have a problem. Oh well, it keeps me sane.

  3. It does.....tast. so. good. The first step is recognizing you have a problem. Which I have, and decided that I'm completely OK with. So just be OK with it, because DC is oh so delicious :)

  4. One a day doesn't make you an addict. I'm the same way with Diet Dr. Pepper and I don't even have one every day. I just love the taste and the fiz. And sometimes I crave it. Bad. I just love everything about a nice, cold, diet soda. Yum. So, I wouldn't give yourself too much of a hard time. Seems pretty normal to me.

  5. Enjoy it! I drink at least 2-3 a day :)

  6. You could hit a Caffine Free version of your favorite DC... Just sayin' (I wouldn't if it were me, but I'm ok with my slight addiction). Another thought... Chapstick is to G what Diet Coke is to J? Maybe... HAHAHAHA! Did he beat his chapstick addiction? If so I'm sure you can beat your Diet Coke one ;)

  7. PS Did you ever see the Bubble in my EYE pics? It popped a couple days ago, hopefully it won't make another appearance! Glad to see you've gotten rid of your stye!


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