Monday, October 3, 2011

date night.

friday night was the big 5th anniversary date, so we lined up a nana-sitter, put on some snazzy outfits, dropped off the evs and hit the town.

we had reservations at 4 separate places because my husband is the most indecisive person who has ever lived and refused to give any sort of input on what he wanted to eat. i spent most of the afternoon calling him and then calling restaurants to schedule and cancel reservations, which eventually led to me talking on the phone with ruths chris while bathing the baby while DROPPING MY PHONE INTO THE TUB AND THEN LEAVING IT THERE FOR TEN MINUTES BECAUSE I DIDN'T NOTICE.


(and it still works, mothers!!! can you believe it!? we have now declared the olsen bathroom to be a "no phone(or ipad)zone" due to the fact that my previous cell phone was dropped in the toilet (and then continued to work for an entire YEAR), my previous ipod touch was dropped into the sink while hand washing and my current cell phone was dropped in the tub. obviously i am really responsible and not at all accident prone. can you even believe my husband bought me an ipad?!)

moving on....

so the phone went in the tub and i didn't notice for ten minutes because i was busy drying, lotioning, dressing and nursing evie. when i finally went into the bathroom to drain the water i saw it there and proceeded to say the words i always say when such things happen (look, i'm not proud of it either) and so no more reservations or plans where made until the husband came home.

after we dropped off evie i told g all the places that were expecting us and we attempted to make a decision (it's never easy). we finally ended up at tiberon in sandy.

what happened next is a true story.

so we walk into the restaurant and immediately notice how tiny it is. i also notice the fact that it isn't decorated at all and there are no candles on the tiny tables, but maybe i'm just weird for caring about such things? so, we take our menus and get seated in between an elderly couple and a first date. the tables are way too close to each other and we can hear everything everyone is saying and the restaurant looks like a dungeon and the chicken dish costs $39!! what the what?!

g looks at me and i look at him and we're basically saying "hell no" to one another with our eyes because if we are going to spend $50 a plate on dinner i want a cozy, private table, candlelight, music and perhaps a pony or something, i mean, am i right?! i am right. so we left. we got up, i handed the menus back to the waiter and told him thank you so much but some thing's come up and out the door we ran.

there were a few high-fives and go team!'s exchanged in the car and then we headed to a new restaurant where there were peanut shells on the ground, country music in the background and we paid half the price. g ordered the largest steak of his life, the lamplight was dazzling and we scored ourselves a free anniversary dessert.

this is my "here is my dinner!" face and also my "what in the world have i ordered, because i am not a steak-eater and the waiter talked me into prime rib?" face.

(the prime rib was so good, you guys. so so good. who even knew horseradish could taste like that?!)

we spent the rest of the night at the movie theater and out and about town and getting sugar and red-bulls for g's energy levels. he stayed up til like 2am, friends! the whole night was just a triumph. if only anniversaries and best-dates-ever could occur weekly, right? a girl can dream.

the end.

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  1. Oh yay! So the phone does work! Impressive!! Look forward to being badgered!

    Hooray for your fantastic date! But, ughhh!! Prime rib? I want to die looking at it. Sorry. Since it's on your plate, it means you have to touch it right? (shudder)


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