Monday, October 3, 2011

fall festivities.

i love fall.

can i say it again?

there is something about fall that just makes me happy and content. every year, at the begining of september i make a fall to-do list and then tackle it one day at a time, because who wants to let fall pass by without soaking in every second of it? not me, i tell you. not me!

here are some of the fall festivities that took place last week...

gardner village to see the witches:

yet another trip to the zoo:
 this time was extra fun because our buddies craig, edith and mckenzie came along. we love them.

 last dinner date for burgers, fries and a mint shake:

 and finally, a trip to the swings:

i have a few more things planned, but i have to say, nothing beats the last item on this years list...

and we are heading there in just a few weeks!


  1. stop. London?! ahhh! best fall. and let's just get it out there that on our drive home from st. george last night i was talking to tanner about your blog, the blog title, where it came from, etc. guess i'm your biggest fan!

  2. your hair looks fabulous here! and so does your babe... and i love london!! if you want any suggestions on food or shopping in london you know where to find me! does evie get to go too?

  3. hello my dear. i want you i need you. i miss you. briggs and beau do too. they tell me. seriously. so how about we join our little families together to cross off 'pumpkin patch'. I am wanting to get our pumpkins and now that I saw this on your blog.. i think we should make it a date! yes? yes... call me yo

  4. Fall is the BEST!! Ohhhhhh.....England!! My heart is just dying to join you!!

  5. Yeah for Fall!! It is my favorite as well. : )


thank you for your shout outs!